Stories, Tips & Resources   ||   Issue #1 February 2015 Dear Reader, Welcome to the very first issue of Good Chi News. It will be a quick read for y

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Stories, Tips & Resources   ||   Issue #1 February 2015


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the very first issue of Good Chi News. It will be a quick read for you each month and I hope you'll enjoy it and find it useful.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


Just a Smile

old man small

I've run over 350 Chair Chi workshops for aged care residents.

Each time I go into an aged care centre I try to engage both low care and high care residents in the easy-to-learn physical Chi exercises.

And, just as importantly, I try to get a smile from each resident through short stories and occasional quips relevant to the physical exercises.

When a resident smiles I know from experience that this lifts the mood in a positive way.

That smile always makes me feel better as I feel I've achieved something worthwhile in that moment of time.

Sometimes all it takes is just a smile to feel better.



" ... there are staggeringly high rates of loneliness in the elderly both residential aged care services and in community care .... loneliness is a serious health issue".

An interesting article entitled Creative Ideas In Ageing: the old loneliness problem from the Australian Ageing Agenda site covering tips on loneliness in aged care centres and what can be done about it.

The Power of Music


Although my speciality is in Chi and movement, here's an inspiring clip that shows how music can have a powerful effect on aged care residents.

In this short clip (6.5min) therapist Yvonne Hill, a recreational therapist from Cobble Hill (USA) tells the story of the effect that music had on one aged care resident named Henry.

Watch the expression on Henry's face when he hears music.

Just Saying


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