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Sew Along Time!

Did you know the Praline Party Dress sew-along is starting next week!? Join here (you need to be a part of the Candy Castle Patterns Group to see the event).
If you're not quite sure what a sew along is, you can read more here.

You can join in and catch up the days you are behind at any point.

Don't miss it! I'm joining too and there will be prizes to win. The Praline Party Dress pattern has a 20% off discount code for participants of the sew along. For the code, please make sure to join the event on Facebook, as the discount code will be posted there.

It's the PERFECT way to get a beautiful dress done, make some new friends and have the possibility to win a sweet prize. Don't miss it :)
This is the pattern we'll be using.

Testers needed!

This kimono (for ladies & girls) is ready for testing!

ALL the information you need and more pictures can be found on our website here! Come sign up to be a tester! We'd love to have you!
Sizes: XXS through 3XL

Only open for applications through Saturday.

May 25th my little Nora got to wear her Cotton Candy Dream Dress to my own wedding! I'm so glad I decided to make her dress myself (she told everyone!). It really added something special to the day for us. Even though she thought the ceremony was a bit boring, the cake and the dress made all up for it ;-)

The Vintage Very Cherry Dress never ceases to amaze.

Emma Joyce added bias tape to the skirt to really make it stand out.
She told us: "I had made the PSD and princess dresses already and found the instructions so easy to follow so I wanted to try another Candy Castle Pattern :) This was the first thing I have sewn for both daughters (3 months old and 2 years old)."

Nadia Seo showed off her most amazing Peppermint Swirl. Did you know you can use any other bodice you like with the Ladies Peppermint Swirl Dress Add-On? No matter which size you wear? Instructions are included on how to size up the skirt if needed, it's very easy!

Nadia told us:
"Your pattern is amazing, it was love at first sight, I just had to make it. I used 14 different colours, and for the collar I cut inch strips of each fabric then pieced them so I could have the matching colour and order of the skirt."

Courtney Fleming jumped right in when we released the Cotton Candy Dream Dress!

Courtney told us:
"The dress was wonderful to create. I really love this pattern! I’ve never sewn with tulle and was overwhelmed at the thought but it was easier than I anticipated. I encourage everyone to try! This was made in a size 10 and I added 1 inch to the bodice length as well as the skirt length on all layers. My Princess requested a floor length Rapunzel inspired gown for our Disney Cruise in 2 weeks. She’s so excited to wear it!"


Emma Joyce mashed up two of my favorite patterns. The Peppermint Swirl Dress and the Vintage Very Cherry Dress! It turned out so wonderful!

She told us that she didn’t make it for a special occasion in particular but her daughter will wear it to the local “Unicorn Festival” coming up which is to raise money for Williams Syndrome.

Dawn might be the best grandma around! She sent us this picture, with her beautiful granddaughters in their Peppermint Swirl Dresses, and their dolls in matching Mini Peppermint Swirl Dresses!
Dawn said: "I have made my granddaughters different dresses over the years, this pattern is by far their favourite! The instructions given are excellent & I love the fact that there are multiple sizes in the patterns which enables me to make each one the perfect fit and to make them a new dress as they grow!
I have been able to use the pattern to make them 3 dresses, one each year & each time I have made them the look is entirely different. The dolls were from Santa this year so I bought the doll pattern to make matching dresses which delighted the girls.
I love using your patterns & the girls love their dresses!"

Nicole Jessop used the Vintage Very Cherry Dress to showcase her special fabric. She said: "These were strike offs for the fabric and I thought it was a darling dress to show off the fabric. I thought with the glitter print and how the dress was a party style for girls, they’d be the perfect compliment. My girls will only wear dresses right now and love ones that twirl. I loved the back, so it was the clear winner!"

And here's some more magic from Ceilia Corsentino - in case you needed some 4th of July inspiration! Ceilia has made hundreds of Peppermint Swirl Dresses, and each year, she completely outdoes herself with the 4th of July coming up.

Ceilia said: "These were all for just one order. People love the look and this pattern is one of the reasons I decided to jump back into selling again after the three years break I took from it."
Well done, Ceilia!

I hope you got tons of sewing inspiration; let's get creative!

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