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August 2014

meditation retreat photos

Diamond Heart Meditation Retreat, July 20-26.

Dear Friend,

Our much-anticipated IIT Living Love Meditation Retreat took place last week. It was a great experience for this happy group (see photos at right). Many thanks to Jenny Lou Linley for organizing this wonderful event. Thanks also to Jonathan Beals for giving healing sessions to each participant, to Laura Harris for leading spiritual yoga and to Alice Charland for teaching Yogananda’s energization exercises every day.

We've been keeping very busy this summer updating our website and our Facebook page, as well as producing a new CD. And there's more to come this fall, so read on!


Our problems and answers lie within us.
Unfortunately they don't come in matched sets.



The Body Elemental: Healing with your Body Elemental

Body Elemental CD cover2

The Body Elemental is a new CD recorded by Tanis Helliwell at Diamond Heart Retreat Centre. It includes two tracks: one with information about your body elemental (everybody has one), and the second is a guided visualization which will help you get in touch with your body elemental to heal yourself.

For a short excerpt from the CD, click on the button below:

To order your copy of the new CD or mp3, link HERE.

new website

If you've been on the International Institute for Transformation website lately, you'll have noticed that it's been through a major overhaul. We wanted to keep up with you, our readers, with a friendlier look and a more intuitively-based organization of the site - all to serve you better.

A big thank you to Carol Sill, who has been working hard on the new look for the last few weeks. What a super job!

Take a look here:

Tanis-vase-0902-flower fairy

The workshop, Working and Playing with Nature Spirits is based on Tanis Helliwell’s books, Summer with the Leprechauns: The authorized edition and Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns. This course will share with you the secrets of manifestation according to natural laws and the natural world so that you can be more effective in your work and world.
* Learn about leprechauns, fairies, elves, and meet one that wants to work with you.
* Meet your body elemental and work with it to heal your body.
* Learn about elementals and nature spirits of different countries and cultures.
* Create a beautiful world in co-operation with nature spirits.
* Weather permitting, some of the workshop will be held outdoors.

Sept. 27-28, 2014 – Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Fee: $295. Light lunch/snacks included, day one -vegetarian chile, day two -vegetarian pasta. Those with special dietary needs encouraged to bring their own lunch/snacks.
Contact: Patricia Sybersma, 705-446-8679,

book covers

Books on Elementals

Tanis' books, Summer with the Leprechauns and Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns, are available for purchase on the IIT website here.

spiritual transformation image-3

A guide for your Journey - coming this fall!

To become conscious, we must undergo deep transformation. We need to let go of old patterns that no longer serve and unite our personality with our soul’s purpose. How you will benefit from this program:

Recognize the symptoms of spiritual transformation and tools to help you. ‪
‪ Partner with your body elemental to heal yourself.
‪Learn heart opening techniques to transform relationships with self and others.
‪Tools to develop your spiritual intelligence (SQ) to succeed in this new, evolving world.
‪Develop a greater capacity for compassion.
Discover the signs of awakening for yourself and the Earth.
‪Co-create with Spirit to fulfil your life purpose.

This new course is based on Tanis' DVD, Spiritual Transformation.

Workbook (78 pages) includes eight in-depth Youtube videos with Tanis. This workbook can be used by individuals and study groups to facilitate your own spiritual transformation. Early bird launch price only $97.

colin   rilla

Many thanks to our IIT graduates Rilla Clark and Colin Brown for creating the workbook based on Tanis' DVD.

new facebook cover

It's summer, and so it's time to show some colour! Thanks to Melany Hallam for creating the new cover photo for our Facebook page. It's getting lots of looks and starting some good conversations.

Take a look here:


Wishing you a fun-filled summer!

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Tanis Helliwell
International Institute for Transformation


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