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Salon/Workshop in San Francisco!

October 20, 2017

Come join us for an inspirational theater intensive.

It's kinda like a book club on steroids!

I'll be coming up to San Francisco from LA on October 20 to lead a small group of emerging actors in a Salon/Acting Workshop.

The focus of our time together will be on Mindfulness and Deep Relaxation exercises rooted in 'Method Acting' techniques, followed by a table read and discussion of a play. We read Edward Albee's THREE TALL WOMEN for our first three sessions, and everyone developed a monologue from it.

I've chosen the play GOOD PEOPLE as our next group read, but before embarking on that, I'd like to suggest that we dedicate our October 20 session to some fundamentals. What I mean by that is dedicating our session to some Meisner and Sense-Memory exercises, tapping into the transformational (and healing) power of our subconscious, our longing and our desires.

Friday, October 20

The Phoenix Theater
414 Mason Street
San Francisco CA

Cost: $175

Actors and non-actors welcome.

Questions? Call 415 359 4802 or email

Call or email to reserve.
Space is limited to 8 participants!

• Sense Memory Exercises
• Meisner Repetition Exercises
• Scene Study
• Script Analysis
• Script Breakdown
• Character Analysis
• Deep Relaxation
• Applied Kinesiology
• Law of Attraction (Abraham Hicks) and its connection to 'Method Acting'!

• Sounding Unscripted
• Being Charismatic
• Being Authentic
• Making Meaningful Dramatic Choices
• Seeing the Universal in the Personal
• Fearless Self-Awareness

• Real Change
• Real Understanding
• Real Possibilities

How to Stop Outsourcing Your Authority and Embody the Vibrance of Your Own Soul.

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 11.30.36 PM

Click the image to listen to Alan Watts hold forth on why art can have no 'method'.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 5.29.04 PM

MOJEAN ARIA, winner of the 2017 Heath Ledger Scholarship

"When I started my training with Shelley I was obsessed with analysis and themes. There are great benefits in those skills, but Shelley brings the
focus back to you, and that's what the world wants; the world wants the truest you, and that, by the way, is ultimately what you want too. I've had life-changing breakthroughs because of studying with Shelley and am eternally grateful to her."


Up Your Game

Head Shot October 16 for postcard

"Learning to listen to the voice of our own essence and act from it is at the center of my work.

The search for meaning, authenticity and truth has been upstaged by superficiality, meaninglessness and celebrity. These cultural influences don't make it easy for actors (or anybody, for that matter) to look inside themselves. Learning to unpack a script or breathe life into a performance takes courage and confidence and aptitude that comes from being conscious of our own lives and being clear about what we want. This class works on all of these issues through scene work, exercises and improv. It gives students a real inventory of where they are and where they want to go. The focus in this class is on helping people reconnect with their own essence, think independently and, as Meryl Streep recently quoted Carrie Fisher, transform their broken heart into art. My goal is to help people demystify Method Acting and cook it back to it's original impulse; opening hearts and minds in both performer and audience. " -Shelley Mitchell

"Shelley's work is very definite, very sound, very detailed..."


Training with Shelley Mitchell can change your life, free your spirit and bring you to a place where you're fresh, you're interesting and you discover parts of yourself that you didn't even know you had!


Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge -Click image to hear Aluna's music or check out her 2017 performances opening for Coldplay's world tour!

"I came to Shelley a competent performer with success that had me in front of an audience much of the year, but I was completely stuck and knew I had more to give. As soon as I started working with Shelley she took me on a journey to discover my true essence as an Artist - we went to a deep level so that anything learned would stick even when I was under enormous pressures. Now, on my horizon, I see the performance place as somewhere I will go to feel real, true and alive; the gift it should always have been." Aluna Francis

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 8.59.44 PM

Written, directed and starring Ryon Baxter -Now trending on Netflix!

"Dear Shelley, Thank you so much for your creative contribution; your performance was flawless (those scenes are so f#&%n great because of the choices you made). I'm eternally grateful for your mentorship and wisdom... You have been an angel in my life ;-) " -Ryon Baxter

Reviews from Shelley Mitchell's performance of Talking with Angels: Budapest, 1943 at the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival

"Excellent, polished and precise transformation into distinct characters. Professional level solo theatre technique. Important and complex subject matter. Intentional and powerful set choices, great use of multi-media, and beautiful blocking throughout. This is a solo artist who understands, respects, and exemplifies this theatrical genre." -Jessica Lynn Johnson

"I walked in the opening night… no prior understanding of what I was soon to experience…much to my surprise, I walked out baptised. The transformation of characters, the attention to detail, surrendering to its truth, the attention of self, an experience with Angels. ...The expressive nature in this piece kept poking at questions within me that had been asking for this experience." -Justin Barco

"The narrator and main character, Gita Mallasz, was recognized in 2011 by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations for having rescued over 100 Jewish women and children from almost certain death. Her portrayal by Shelley Mitchell was spellbinding and in itself an act of courage. As a consummate actor, whether Shelley played one of the four who received these instructions or one of the angels who gave it to them, her voice rang true." -Eileen Weiner

"This is an important play given the backdrop of our current political landscape. ...Shelley Mitchell is a tour de force marvel as she seamlessly transitions back and forth between Gitta Mallasz (the narrator) and the Beings who channel through her friend Hannah. ... In a city where every other person claims to have the archangels on speed-dial, this play offers us something genuinely transfiguring — the opportunity to bear witness to the immense bravery of a group of friends, who in the horrors of the Holocaust chose and embodied the Light in the service of others." -Colleen Passard



For People Who are Curious About the Connection Between Art, Science and Culture.

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 9.08.45 PM

Tribeca Shortlist - a new website, similar to Netflix, that only plays films recommended by industry insiders. Check it out!

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 2.19.23 PM

Click on the image above to check out Alec Baldwin's stupendous interviews with Kevin Kline, Viggo Mortensen and Michael Eisner for a quick tutorial on how differently successful showbiz creatives and non-creatives experience the industry.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.51.58 AM

Dr. Cornel West talks about self-awareness and finding meaning; two essential ingredients of great acting.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 4.05.48 PM

Do yourself a favor and watch this 90 minute video about the Group Theater. It will help you to understand yourself and give you a life long understanding about great acting and the history behind Strasberg, Meisner, Stanislavsky and the revolution that made dramatic acting what it is today.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.51.03 PM

Dr. Mario Martinez explains how important the Mind, Body and Culture connection is to health and wellness. His insights are also deeply connected to the roots of Method Acting.

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The training at Duse Studio is inspired by Stanislavsky, Strasberg, Duse and Meisner.
Classes are on-going throughout the year.

More details about Shelley Mitchell at
Questions? (424) 209-9822 •


Eleonora Duse

DUSE STUDIO OF DRAMATIC ART is named after the great Italian actress, Eleonora Duse. Born in 1858 to a family of itinerant actors, Duse was fundamental to the birth of modern acting as we know it. Both Stanislavsky and Lee Strasberg cite her as the inspiration for their 'Method'. ...So powerful were her performances, that during her 1893 tour of the USA the word 'doozy' became a part of the American vernacular, describing a singular and exceptional event.

Duse was the innovator of a technique she described as "the elimination of self". Akin to the Buddhist ideas of non-attachment and mindfulness, she writes that her technique allowed her to internally connect with the character she was portraying and free her spirit from mind and ego so that emotional expression could take over.


"I met Shelley when we were both studying with Lee Strasberg in NYC in the 70s. She was always fascinating to watch. Her talent was a magnet that drew everyone's attention. In fact, as I recall, she was one of Strasberg's favorites, if not the favorite." -HARVEY KEITEL, Oscar nominee

Recommended by:

Tom Waits
Juliette Binoche, Oscar winner
Eamonn Walker, (Chicago Fire, OZ, Lord of War)
Jill Eikenberry, Golden Globe winner

"She's the real deal!" -SEAN PENN

"Behind every great actor there's almost always a great teacher. If you are eager to develop your skills as an actor, Shelley Mitchell's class is a must!" -RITA MORENO, EGOT

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