Friend Unexpected Happenings The picture above on the left was taken 10 months ago In Sedona AZ . The one on the right is now my current situatio

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Unexpected Happenings

The picture above on the left was taken 10 months ago In Sedona AZ . The one on the right is now my current situation: an ankle broken in 3 places. Life happens and when it does you have to get on with it. What makes it easier is the action taken on a daily basis to keep your physical body strong and flexible, your spiritual life robust, and your mind in the present but with hope for the future. We are a system of parts that are totally connected and each small action of self care daily will help you endure / absorbs the bumps when they do happen.

I am healing quickly and really well due to the care and time I have taken over the years to invest in healthy eating and exercise. I cannot drive (doctors orders and it is my right foot) I am fortunate because I have the best of friends and family who have assisted me in getting around and getting the important things completed. My other best friends are ginger, cayenne pepper and turmeric (all anti-inflammatory herbs and spices).
I must say, there is nothing funny about breaking bones in your late fifties. After my initial why me, and how am I going to run my business, I can sit back and smile about how this has taken care of my busyness. I find myself being more patient with myself and others. But more than anything what really marvels me is the body's capacity to heal. Even when we don't treat ourselves properly, the body is always trying to balance itself (homeostasis.) The magic happens when we do feed our selves the proper food, exercise and get enough rest . The body rewards us with quick healing, strong mental outlook and the capacity to adjust our process to our circumstance.
I strongly encourage you to not take your health for granted, feed your body the healthy whole food it deserves, take time to do some physical activity each day, and stretch your mind so it can keep renewing itself. By treating yourself well now, you will be highly rewarded.

To Your Good Health!!

Sharon A. Fraser
Your Health & Transformation Coach
Diabetic Solution Coach.
Student member Pennsylvania Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Diabetes Corner.


High Blood Sugar disease or symptom?

One of the problems with how Type 2 Diabetes is treated by the medical establishment is, they focus on the symptom of high sugar and treat it as if it is the disease.
By choosing to focus on lowering the sugar alone they are leaving the disease unchecked causing the patient over time more distress, acute illness and higher medical bills.
Type 2 Diabetes is a dietary disease that needs dietary solution. An acute case of high sugar must be treated immediately to prevent diabetic shock, but over the long run getting to why a patient’s body is not able to store the sugar efficiently should be the priority. Lifestyle changes with support should be the first prescription.

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I work with Over-weight,Type 2 Diabetics,and Pre-Diabetics who feel challenged about their diet and lifestyle choices. I help them to easily and naturally restore a vibrant and healthy body.
Complementary Discovery consultation available.

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