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Commander 2018

Commander 2018

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Commander 2018
Choose your commander and carve your path to victory in this unique multiplayer Magic format. Call on powerful planeswalkers and deploy their signature strategies to make sure you're the last player standing. Like its predecessor, Commander 2018 consists of four preconstructed theme decks, and features twelve premium foil commanders. The four 100-card decks contain 307 different cards in total. There are 59 new cards legal in Vintage and Legacy. Each deck comes with a deck box, 10 double-faced token cards, a strategy insert and a rules reference guide.

Core Set 2019
Core Set 2019 was released July 13, 2018 featuring the return of Core Sets with 280 cards. Core Sets contain various reprints from all different planes in the Multiverse.

Number of Cards: 280
Release Date: July 13, 2018
Magic Online Launch: July 16, 2018
Official Three-Letter Code: M19


New Site Design

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have by now noticed the new mobile optimized site design on

So far the redesign seems to be a success and we have received mostly positive feedback. We have made a few small adjustments based on user comments as well and are willing to continue doing so if there are any last minute comments.

Don't like the new site? No problem, you can continue using the old site for a long while at



Freedom Hunt Contest Winner

Congratulations to our Freedom Hunt winner shortyguy1.

They won $25 cash back on their CardShark purchase for being the first to find the hidden image on our site. The image was hidden under the card Rocket Launcher.

Join us in October as we hunt for Pumpkins. Check out our Promotions page to stay up to date.

Also August marks the return of the Booster Box Raffle. All you need to do to enter is simply buy cards. You will automatically receive a free entry for each dollar you spend during the month of August and each month going forward.


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