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January 2023

Welcome Back,

January is a great time to set our intentions for the year. It is a time to make those changes that we've been meaning to make for a while; changes that will enable us to reach our goals. For this month's newsletter, we recommend making one specific change to make 2023 a great hiring year! But first, here are our Positions.


Featured Positions For Job Seekers

Position 1: Sales Manager, Prototype Manufacturing

We are seeking a Sales Account Manager as an individual contributor role for a highly profitable world leader in rapid prototyping of stamped parts based in Michigan. This manufacturer has a broad customer base in the automotive sector but is looking to expand into other industries. Looking for an energetic, effective salesperson who can take initiative and who thrives in a flexible work environment. Only apply if you have experience with rapid prototyping. For more information on this position, please call 313-887-8300 ex. 102 or email

Position 2: General Manager – Test Services (Ontario, CANADA based)

Our client company is a global manufacturing leader with cutting edge, innovative technology for the future of the automotive industry. They have recently acquired a specialized testing lab and require a General Manager to run and grow the business. This is an outstanding opportunity to join a great organization and have total control of the direction of the organization. We are looking for a technical and business savvy leader who has experience with testing services within the vehicle systems market. You should also have a strong financial and sales planning background in order to have full P/L responsibility for the business. For more information on this position, please call 313-887-8300 ex. 102 or email

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The Value of Time in the Recruitment Process

Acquiring top talent takes a specific set of skills and near the top of that list is time management. One cannot successfully recruit without properly managing time throughout the hiring process. While we view our own time as valuable, it must be remembered that a candidate's time is valuable too.

Assigning a Timeline to Your Hiring Process

After identifying a hiring need, before the recruitment process even begins, a great habit is to set a timeline for the various stages of your hiring process (ex. first interviews, skill assessments, final interviews, reference checks etc.) with established deadlines and expectations assigned to each stage. Not only does this help to maintain the sense of urgency that filling the role requires but it also holds you, as the hiring manager, accountable to the candidates who are going through the hiring process.

Why It's Better to "Fail Fast" With Candidates

Without a structured timeline, and with so many different priorities needing attention, it is easy to put hiring on the back burner. But there are risks associated with a very slow interview/hiring process.

Missing the chance to hire a great candidate: A candidate who is considering multiple opportunities might accept a different offer from another organization if they are not seeing quick progress with your organization.

Large amount of time being invested with no results: If your interview process is slow, and you realize after an extended period of time that the candidate you've been considering isn't the best fit after all, much time has been wasted with no results.

Having to re-start from scratch: If a long interview process does not lead to a hire, there is a high chance that any remaining candidates have lost interest or moved on to other opportunities and the search process must be re-started.

Having an established timeline makes the hiring process more efficient and holds the hiring company more accountable to the candidates. A candidate's time is valuable and when this is recognized, it creates a positive candidate experience and can boost your employer brand for future hires.


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