Tai Chi Stories, Tips and Resources   ||   Issue #23 February 2020


Dear Reader,

Welcome to this year's first edition of Good Chi News. I hope you restored your Chi over the holidays and your new year has started well for you.

In this issue we have our usual inspirational Lao Tzu quote and a Tai Chi Tip on postural alignment. Plus two informative Youtube clips on relaxation and Tai Chi, and information on our two new services for 2020 - Sports Chi and our aged care Tai Chi Presentation

I hope you enjoy reading the issue.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


Don't Keep Up - Keep On


One of the phrases I often repeat in Chair Chi sessions for residents is 'don't try to keep up - just keep on'.

I've found this eases the pressure to try and keep up with other residents, and it helps them to perform at their own pace and physical capabilities. Read More ...


Tai Chi Sung (relaxation)


'Rich Marantz of Green Mountain Tai Chi teaches an exercise to help understand the concept of Sung'.

A good and clear explanation and demonstration of the concept of sung.

As Rich Marantz expresses it, 'sung' is a 'relaxed aliveness' and the exercise he demonstrates is one that will help you achieve this.


Sports Chi

Sports Chi

Well, it's taken a while but I've finally ready to push ahead with my new Sports Chi program.

I've just had my flyer and logo professionally designed.

I finally get a chance to combine two passions - sport and Tai Chi.

Now for the billion phone calls required to get a workshop up and running :)


Tai Chi Tip


Imagine a string attached to your head gently pulling you up to the sky. Knees are kept slightly bent.

This simple technique will help you align your posture correctly.


Tai Chi and Natural Movement


I do like teacher Gene Burnett's views on Tai Chi and many of his clips are very informative.

Check out his reaction when he has to deal with an interruption (4.19) while recording this clip.

That's what I call good Tai Chi! :)


Tai Chi Presentation


I've been busy promoting our local Tai Chi presentation for aged care residents and have several bookings so far.

If you are in the Northern, Southern and Eastern parts of Melbourne and interested in booking a session for your residents, give me a call.

Download the flyer for more information.

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