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Croatia's first SECAP and a SECAP Inspiration Guide...

Here we have the biggest PentaHelix updates since July, including Zagreb's completed Climate Action Plan using the PentaHelix method and the publication of WVI's SECAP inspiration guide!

The PentaHelix project aims to empower local and regional authorities to find innovative and cost-effective approaches to develop, finance, implement, and improve Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs) that contribute to reaching national and European climate and energy goals and policies. The main objective is to develop an innovative pentahelix based method and use this to engage and support authorities on multiple levels together with other key stakeholders in 5 different sectors for increased SECAP development and implementation.

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Croatia, Summer 2019 | The City of Zagreb, in cooperation with REGEA, has developed the first SECAP in the Republic of Croatia, setting time ambitious and clear goals for sustainable energy development and adaptation to climate change with a time horizon until 2030. The SECAP for the city of Zagreb was developed by following the PentaHelix method. As various stakeholders have been involved throughout the development process, the final document outlines the real needs and capabilities of the entire community, thus contributing to the horizontal integration of all key pillars of society.

Want to know more about what a SECAP is and how they are developed? Click here

Picture WVI Inspiration Guide

Belgium, Spring 2019 | PentaHelix partner WVI designed and rolled out their participation process in West Flanders for all PentaHelix stakeholders. For example, inhabitants of the municipalities were invited to 8 local climate panels to jointly shape actions related to mobility, housing, and living environment, while professional stakeholders were involved in a regional debate during 3 thematic design sessions and could reply to an online survey.

The direct results have been summarised in reports which will shape the 2030 SECAP meanwhile the Inspiration Guide has taken the lessons learned from development process and has turned them into 10 spearheads for success in setting and achieving climate objectives. Including:

▪ Dare to be ahead,
▪ Be the connecting factor as a local government,
▪ Anticipate on climate change through spatial thinking
Dare to be ahead,
Be the connecting factor as a local government,
Anticipate on climate change through spatial thinking

Read more about the inspiration guide and how it was developed here or view the guide via!


Norway, September 2019 | More than 100 young people from Sunnmøre attended a climate conference organised as a part of the PentaHelix project to discuss climate policy. Sande municipality invited youth council members to the event as an opportunity for the young people in the area to influence SECAPS and local government.

Later in the afternoon, other PentaHelix stakeholder groups in public sector, businesses, NGOs, and academia were invited to join. Speakers from the local government, environmental organisations, and businesses focused on local objectives, how the government can facilitate changes, and how other stakeholders could contribute.

Guri Bugge, climate and energy advisor for Klima Østfold conducted the conference. "My clear impression is that our youth is very much involved in this matter and both wants and needs to be heard."

Klima Østfold has created a video to share the views of the young people involved:

More information on the inspiration and outcomes of the climate conference can be found on our website!

UniZag and ZREA

Croatia, October 2019 | PentaHelix was represented at the 14th SDEWES Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems in Dubrovnik. 610 participants from 350 universities, institutions, and companies had the opportunity to hear how to improve SECAP development and implementation through multi-stakeholder and multi-governance engagement. Participants were especially interested in Climate communication guidelines.

If you also want to find out how municipalities can succeed with climate communication, visit the library on the PentaHelix website and download your copy!


Project Resources

Be active in Sustainable Energy and Climate Action - Join the Climate Forum!

PentaHelix wants everyone to have the opportunity actively participate in discussions on Sustainable Energy and Climate Action, we have opened a Climate Forum and we want to hear from you!

PentaHelix Online Support Tools

On our website, there are free resources available to aid SECAP development including:

▪ PentaHelix guidelines for SECAP development
▪  Climate Workshop Presentation (EN)
PentaHelix guidelines for SECAP development
Climate Workshop Presentation (EN)

And more!

Climate Communication Guidelines available on the Website

Climate Communication Guidelines developed from Østfold’s Climate Communication Workshop are now available in English, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, Croatian, and Latvian on our website.


Interested in knowing more about PentaHelix? Visit our website:

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