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Never a dull moment here in Israel. What we'd call 'routine' is more like a high-adrenaline adventure, new each time.

Last week began with a high-profile, pomp-and-circumstance​ visit by Vice President Pence, member of what might be the most pro-Israel US government ever. Our team was invite to attend his Knesset speech both by the Israeli Speaker of the Knesset and US Embassy - proof of a strong, lively relationship.

Sitting in the Knesset galley was a proud moment for all Zionists, and I don't believe anyone present who claims not to have shed a tear or been choked with emotion at the brilliant quotes from the bible, the history lesson, the reiteration of our joint goals as we look forward. It is truly a blessing that our two nations are mending some of the past years' negativity and replacing it with hope, honesty and growth.


Sadly, just as I was busy writing those uplifting words just yesterday, a Jewish man was brutally murdered by an Arab terrorist in the heart of Israel. We mourn the loss of a father, a husband and son, an inspiring teacher of many, while Israel hunts down his murderer and the people swear to find a way to make his the last impossibly sad loss of life simply because we are Jews.

We hope that Congress finds a way to avoid a government shutdown that is healthy and wise; and we look forward to our upcoming mission, from DC to Jerusalem and more - we will be sure to report back on that, and we are already filling up our Ethics-approved May trip, so speak up fast if you want to join, by dropping us an email:

With warmest wishes from the heartland of Israel -



Why everyone should care about the fate of Z Street

Rather than being filed away as old news, the Z Street case should be setting off alarm bells since it sounds an alert as to how a president can use the enormous power of the federal government to settle political scores and hamstring opponents.

Time for the US to walk away from the PLO

On Tuesday in Bethlehem, the Palestinians demonstrated the choice the Americans now face in their dealings with Fatah – the supposedly moderate PLO faction that controls the Palestinian Authority and the PLO. President Donald Trump and his advisers can play by Fatah’s rules or they can walk away.

On Tuesday a delegation of diplomats from the US Consulate in Jerusalem came to Bethlehem to participate in a meeting of the local chamber of commerce. When they arrived in the city, Fatah members attacked them. Their vehicles with diplomatic license plates were pelted with tomatoes and eggs by a mob of protesters calling out anti-American slogans.

After the Americans entered the hall where the meeting was scheduled to take place, some of the rioters barged in. They held placards condemning America and they shouted, “Americans Out!”

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Israel is Beautiful!

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