March 2017 Newsletter I've been sprinting to the finish last month (and starting into March, which is now this one...) on not one, but two book proje

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March 2017 Newsletter

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I've been sprinting to the finish last month (and starting into March, which is now this one...) on not one, but two book projects. Normally one book is enough to work on at one time, but here I am, writing, editing and testing recipes in stereo - sometimes I'm not sure which recipe will land where!

The last few months I have been doing a flurry of cooking and baking. Recipe testing always requires you to be a little creative, that's the name of the game, but especially when you need ingredients but the seasons aren't cooperating. Your publisher generally will give you a year to write a cookbook but I missed the raspberry window this year (and fresh raspberries are insanely expensive in Paris, even in season!), so I made do by defrosting a few frozen berries and testing with those. (Although I'd pay top-dollar, or euro, at the moment, to get my hands on a watermelon before my May 1st deadline!) But it gives me a chance to double-test the recipe - with frozen berries, and without.

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As bunch of stuff is happening in March. To start with, I'm having a little operation on my foot, although nothing that will incapacitate me. Although wouldn't it be nice to be able to sit with my feet up for a couple of weeks, and do nothing but watch Netflix and eat Parisian chocolates? #dreaming

I hope to be back on my feet asap since I'm heading to Normandy soon, planning a little trip to Mont Saint-Michel with a pal, and hopefully getting a chance to taste the world-famous omelette that's made there, too. The recipe is a top-secret but according to this video, two ingredients are important: Endless whisking, and a boatload of French butter.

Speaking of pals, and March, if you're in Paris, some local food writers will be having a discussion about local produce on March 7th at The American Library. It's a great line-up of speakers, although I don't think it's the place where I'll get any guidance on finding a watermelon in the middle of winter in France ; )

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But I'm happy to stick with seasonal and local stuff, when I can. Like the gorgeous trevise (radicchio), chicories and even kale sprouts I'm getting at my outdoor market. I've been sqeezing through plenty of citrus before blood oranges and tangerines disappear until next year. And I've finally made a dent in my bean-to-bar chocolate stash, which just seems to be growing and growing and growing, because chocolate doesn't have a season. Thankfully.

Okay, time to hop back to my kitchen, and get working on the many docs open on my computer. Before I beat a hasty retreat, I've given you an extra-diverse list of links I found interesting, on everything ranging from two new cookbooks that caught my eye, a vegan main course that I can't imagine anyone not wanting on their table, a few articles on Europe that were thought-provoking, and a funny story about a goof that led people to a Michelin-starred restaurant in France, where dinner was only twelve euros, less than the price of a glass of wine at most Michelin joints. Quelle erreur!

- David

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

Links I'm Liking

When €12,50 seems too good to be true for a Michelin-starred restaurant. (The Guardian)

Walking high with the French Shepherds Who Worked on Stilts. (Messy Nessy Chic)

Orange Food Fight (Food & Wine)

Keeping the Kremlin's Hands Off French Elections. (NYT)

This vegan Samosa Shepard's Pie looks great, whether you're vegan or not. (101Cookbooks)

Are Instagram Foodies Perpetuating Racist Stereotypes? (Quartz)

A food-writing workshop with my friend Dianne Jacob, in Italy. (Will Write for Food)

A food photography workshop in Gascony with my friends Kate and Tim, in France.

Travel guru Rick Steves pushes pot.

Dying to Become European (The New Yorker)

King Arthur Flour's Ingredient Weight Chart for most baking ingredients.

I was wowed by a preview a few months ago of Candy is Magic (everything made with all-natural ingredients), and now it's available for pre-order. I can't wait to make candy from it!

And this just-released book from Christophe Adams promises easy recipes to make the éclairs from his dazzling éclair-only pastry shop in Paris.


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