Susan Lucci Networking Dinner Monday, November 14, 2016 The only intro needed on this next event is her iconic name. It thrills me to bring you such

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Susan Lucci Networking Dinner


Monday, November 14, 2016

The only intro needed on this next event is her iconic name. It thrills me to bring you such A-Level guests and Susan Lucci happens to be a household name too! Join me in this intimate evening where we have a chance to hear what Susan has learned from all the roles she has played on-screen and continues to play in her personal life.

This is already 75% filled so don't wait!

As always - dinner, networking and inspiration in a beautiful venue.


What's Your Formula, Jeanne?

I am often asked how I grew such a network of people and how I get these amazing and accomplished speakers for my networking dinners. I use a FORMULA that is about investing in long-term results rather than immediate outcomes. It's about people, relationships and, you guessed it, saying YES! Read my latest blog post where I share 3 very simple tips to start growing your network.

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Feedback on Facilitating Team Dynamics

If you were lucky enough to be at last month's networking dinner, you would have met and experienced Ryan Smith, Head of Global Human Resources for GE. His take-away from the evening, on the team training that can translate to the workplace:

“This was one of the most unique events I’ve ever participated in. You conducted the conversation and interaction in a way where people really got to know each other in a very short period of time. My teams would benefit from being in this space where they can sit across the table with someone completely different and feel safe enough to talk about themselves and listen to others. They can walk away with something new which will help them work better as a team and contribute as a member in it."


YES Words 8-Week Training

Recent clients enjoyed these outcomes after using YES Words:

One wrote a book, in less than two months.
One started a new job.
One started a career as a speaker.
One started a new business.

Be happy at work, make the money you deserve, have a full personal and professional life and be heard and understood at home and at work.

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Things I'm Loving Now

As the leaves fall off the trees, I am rejoicing over the progress of my precious lemon tree. I believe an intrinsic communication with ourselves is tied into the connection we have with the living things in our space. My little lemon tree is thriving and giving me the confidence to explore the gardener in me. I can't wait to share more of this insight in my upcoming book.


Yours in Feedback & Formulas,


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