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August - September 2017

Recycling Event - Sept 16. FINAL REMINDER
Recycling NOTE (H2R vs. Curbside)
HHW Event (Drugs) - Oct 28. NOTICE
Recycling Events Future dates (Nov)
Creative Reuse (Personal story)
LEARN MORE ("One Person's Trash")

Recycling Event



Hard-2-Recycle Collection

returns to East Buncombe


Saturday, September 16th

10am - 2pm


Madden Ace Hardware

2319 U.S. Hwy 70



Quick List of accepted items:
Books, cardboard, electronics (TV's & CRT monitors - $10 fee), computers, batteries, cartridges, metals, appliances, packing Styrofoam, select personal care & beauty containers, building supplies, furniture, sporting goods, animal sanctuary items.



FLYER: Sept 16 East Buncombe H2R
Contact appropriate vendor if you have questions about any other items.


Organized by Asheville GreenWorks, 254-1776

Recycling NOTE



Hard-to-Recycle items DO NOT BELONG in your curbside recycling

Hard-to-Recycle items are a special class of materials/items that MUST be taken to special collections (such as "H2R's" or HHW collections) ... OR ... to businesses/facilities that accept such items - for example, CFL's, batteries, cell phones & computers.

Curbside recycling includes containers for products commonly found in grocery stores - BOTTLES, CANS, DRINK CARTONS, FOIL PANS & TRAYS as well as PAPER & CARDBOARD (all items must be clean).

It does NOT include plastic bags or film - regular/resealable (zipper) bags, chip/snack bags, plastic wrap AND cereal box liners (remove them BEFORE recycling the boxes). THESE ITEMS CLOG UP MACHINERY, causing shutdown of operations until that plastic is hand-cut off the equipment!

Recycling blue bags are the ONLY exception as they are specified as an accepted option for holding recyclables for collection and are emptied and removed at the beginning of the recycling process.

For more info, see: Curbside Management


HHW Event



Drug Take-Back Event

Saturday, October 28


Time & Locations TBA


The Spring Take-Back Events throughout Buncombe County were very successful this year. We hope the Fall Events will be, too!


Pertinent information in next edition of RecycE.

Recycling Events

November 2017


Mark your calendars now!


Saturday, November 4 - TIRE AMNESTY DAY
(Asheville: Sears, 1 South Tunnel Road.)

Saturday, November 18 - South Buncombe Hard-2-Recycle
(Arden: 2310 Hendersonville Road)


Details in next edition of RecycE.

Events sponsored by: Asheville GreenWorks

Creative Reuse

A Personal Story


Quilting 'Til There Ain't Nothin' Left

Melissa Lewis, Weaverville, NC

I often use Goodwill as my fabric store, using colorful cotton clothing to make quilts. Inspired by Rainbow Recycling, I decided to try to use up all of my leftover Goodwill material. I was surprised to find I had enough to make two lap quilts, a table runner, four placemats and matching coasters.

The tiny scraps that were left I pieced into more “coasters” and carefully sewed them together to form an unusual 25” x 26” open work art quilt.

"What emerges

may surprise you."

I’m finding that the tinier and more limited my materials become, the more interesting and creative the projects become. I invite you to experiment with whatever scraps are left after your next project. What emerges may surprise you.

For longer article on these and other projects,
see: "Quilting 'Til There Ain't Nothin' Left" - Part 2

See: Summer 2017, "One Person's Trash"
"Robust and Realistic Recycling", "Odor Control", seasonal articles as well as basic waste and recycling information are in this edition of this Buncombe County Solid Waste newsletter.

Please drive with care and watch for our children as they head to and from school this fall.

"We have plenty of children, but none to spare."

Thank you for your conscious choice and efforts to

Reduce -- Reuse -- Recycle!

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Help us continue our work of promoting recycling and reuse and reducing waste through outreach and advocacy, special collection events and reuse efforts.

Every donation, regardless of size, is appreciated.

Send to:
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Contact us at info@rainbowrecycling.org if you are interested in volunteering ... there are various ways to pitch in and help!

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