NEW YORK, NY-- The #BeYou Campaign spearheads a citywide water and filter drive, #BeYouNYC4Flint, to collect 10,000+ bottles of water, air filters and

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Flint, Michigan Water Crisis, Innocent Disaster Victim

NEW YORK, NY-- The #BeYou Campaign spearheads a citywide water and filter drive, #BeYouNYC4Flint, to collect 10,000+ bottles of water, air filters and hand sanitizer to send to Flint, Michigan to help solve their water crisis. The drive started Monday, February 1 and goes to February 12, 2016. People can drop off waters in Queens to 176-03 Jamaica Avenue between 11-7pm or in Brooklyn to 1592 Fulton Street on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1-2pm.

Fresh water is one of the most vital resources that humans have. When our water is polluted, it is devastating to the environment and human health. Most water in our homes come from rivers and lakes, and usually before it is delivered, it is treated to remove chemicals, bacteria, and other matter. This clean, uncontaminated water is later used for cooking, drinking, cleaning, bathing, etc.


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In Flint, Michigan, toxic drinking water has become a federal crisis. For nearly two years, the residents were consuming water contaminated with lead, despite repeated claims received from the community--which has led to a nationwide outrage and young children that have suffered irreversible damage. Approximately 27,000 children including their families are affected by this major disaster; 40 percent of which are below the poverty line. The water is brown and filled with deadly particulates. And, when residents drink, cook with or bathe in it they experience physical and mental long term health defects including decreased bone and muscle growth, poor muscle coordination, hair loss, skin rashes, damage to the nervous system and kidneys, hearing speech and language problems, developmental delay, and seizures and unconsciousness-- in cases of extremely high lead levels

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Flint, Michigan Water Crisis, Innocent Disaster Victim

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said lead readings at 26 homes in the city were 10 times the federal limit-- too high to be treated by filters distributed by the state. At least 100 children have tested positive for high levels of toxic lead in their blood.

Philanthropist Russell Simmons is over there now to find out the inside scoop and spoke with a woman named Nakeyja. Both of her children have been lead poisoned. Her 3 year old does not talk and her other child has experienced several seizures since the water crisis started.

The problems began when Flint switched its water source from the Great Lakes to the Flint River. For more than a year, lead leached from the pipes because the city failed to add standard anti-corrosion chemicals to the water. The system switched back to Detroit late last year but the damage is already done. The city and government of Flint, Michigan failed its people. The community needs help, and it's time that more people step in to send the necessary goods over to Eastern Michigan.

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Flint Resident Protest for Clean Water

Last month alone, over 2 million bottles of water were used by local residents; the demand is great and they need more. Flint is months away from clean water-- in fact, it's going to take about a billion dollars or more to remedy the situation.

"I applaud the #BeYou Campaign for providing local leadership to the human crisis in Flint. The environmental and health consequences of the highly contaminated water affecting that city are beyond severe. I ask my fellow Brooklynites to donate bottled water, air filters, and hand sanitizer to our brothers and sisters in Flint", says Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams. Several organizations in New York City have joined in with the #BeYou Campaign to help with this federal emergency including the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President, The Afrikan Poetry Theatre, American Youth Officials (AYO), ISpitNYC, Hip Hop Retreat Week, Purposefully Pretty, Avenue Music Group-ER, and Clayton Order of Progress (COOP), to name a few.

The children are our future and need our help. If you'd like to pitch in and help (organization or individual), or for media inquiries please email or call 917.633.7044. We are also accepting donations at

Together, let's help save the children of tomorrow!

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Happy Kids Drinking Clean Water: The Goal for the #BeYouNYC4Flint Water & Filter Drive

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