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I'm so excited that Rock Hard is now out! This is a funny, sweet, sexy and romantic book that I adore and I hope you will too.

The following reader comments came in as we were putting the final touches on the newsletter today:

"You have blown me away - always loved your books but this one...wow" ~ @nancyrkw / Twitter

"Couldn't sleep was up at 3:30am thought i'd have a little read it's now 7:30am and I finished. T Rex rocks." ~ Sarah Lyons/Facebook

"I was 30 min late to work because I made the mistake of starting #RockHard when I woke up. Sooooo good!" ~ @pghsusan/Twitter

As I said on my blog today, this is a book about two hearts colliding and sticking (there are definite fireworks - oh boy are there - and some sinful laughter, but there is also a tenderness that makes me smile goofily as I write this).

I'm so happy to have T-Rex and Charlie-mouse out in the world, where they can make you smile too! If you haven't yet read an excerpt, there are two full chapters available on the website.

Also in this newsletter are:

♦ Deleted scenes from Shield of Winter.

♦ Deleted scenes from Archangel's Shadows.

♦ Info about Behind-the-Scenes photos, and international releases.

Happy reading!

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Tangle of Need (France)

Psi-Changeling, T11: Labyrinthe de désirs

The French translation of Tangle of Need will be out on the 20th of March!

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If you enjoy Rock Hard, and would like to see some of the locations featured in the book, you can find a number of location photos on the Rock Kiss Behind-The-Scenes page of the website.

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"Rock Hard is one of those classic romance stories that will remind you why you love romance." ~ Kristen (Goodreads)


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Gilde der Jäger Band 7: Engelsseele

The German edition of Archangel's Shadows is now out!

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Deleted Scene from SHIELD OF WINTER

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Kaleb and Sahara’s Meeting with Sascha and Lucas

by Nalini Singh

Sascha was both surprised and not when Kaleb accepted her request for a meeting. From what she knew of the powerful cardinal, he’d do anything to get what he wanted, and in this case, what he wanted was the cooperation of both DarkRiver and SnowDancer. However, he was also extremely protective of Sahara. Now, the other woman returned Sascha’s hug without hesitation.

“I’m so glad to see you,” Sascha said when they drew back, having come to know Sahara well during her time in DarkRiver.

“I hope to visit more soon”—eyes of an intense, deep blue, an unhidden warmth in their depths—“but, with the current situation in the PsyNet, it’s difficult to get away.”

Sascha nodded in understanding as they both took their seats on either side of the small meeting table, Kaleb and Lucas acknowledging one another with a glance before taking their own seats—Kaleb beside Sahara and Lucas beside Sascha.

“Do your packmates have orders to shoot to kill if I step out of line?” was Kaleb’s opening volley in that cool tone that never altered, his words causing Sahara to frown and look over her shoulder at the closed door into the room.

Leaning back in his chair, his arm along the back of Sascha’s, Lucas shook his head. “No—you put your life at deadly risk to protect this city. It’s not something the pack will ever forget.” His eyes never broke contact with the star-filled black of Kaleb’s cardinal gaze. “In point of fact, my mate thinks we should be friends.”

It wasn’t quite what Sascha had said, but she watched in interest for Kaleb’s response. It wasn’t, however, the cardinal who answered. “Of course you should be friends.” Sahara’s smile was dazzling. “Otherwise, it’ll make my visits to DarkRiver very uncomfortable.”

“There,” Kaleb murmured, an ice-cold shark in his black on black suit, “the decision is made.”

Blowing out a breath, Sahara turned toward Kaleb, and his attention shifted immediately to her, though Sascha was in no doubt that he remained aware of all possible threats in the vicinity. Not a word was spoken, but when Lucas tapped Sascha lightly on the shoulder, she knew he’d sensed telepathic communication. A Psy ancestor had left him with that unusual and useful little gift. This time, however, Sascha didn’t need it—she could tell the two were having a disagreement from the way Sahara had narrowed her eyes.

When Kaleb spoke again, his tone hadn’t changed, but his words hinted at a personality beyond the ruthless political creature he was to the world. “I’ve been told to be more diplomatic,” he said, his gaze locking with Lucas’s once again. “And to not provoke you.”

Sascha hid her smile when Sahara groaned and dropped her head against Kaleb’s shoulder, while Lucas shrugged, muscles rippling under the white of his shirt. “I’m not that easily provoked. Shall we get down to business?”

That was Sascha’s cue. “We wanted to discuss your request.”

“No, you didn’t.” Expression holding an affection directed at Sascha, Sahara sat fully upright again, though Sascha guessed she had her hand entwined with Kaleb’s under the table. “You wanted to see if Kaleb and I are faking it.”

“Perhaps,” Sascha said with a twitch of her lips, “someone should tell you not to be provoking.”

Humor lighting up her face, Sahara leaned into Kaleb, the act natural in a way no one could fake, much less a woman who’d spent the past seven years in a cage. Her lips curved as she looked up at the man everyone in the world considered a deadly predator and, when Kaleb glanced down, his lashes shadowing his expression, that smile only deepened—though his facial muscles didn’t seem to have moved at all.

The cardinal Tk shifted his gaze to Sascha, as if aware of her fascinated scrutiny. “Do you need us to drop our shields?” he asked, and Sascha knew in her gut that he’d draw the line at the request.

It didn’t matter; she didn’t need anything further—she’d picked up Kaleb and Sahara’s connection the instant the couple walked into the room. It was as much a part of both as a limb or an organ; to attempt to excise it would cause a mortal wound. “There’s no need.”

A moment of piercing eye-contact, as if Kaleb was evaluating her abilities.

The hairs rose on Sascha’s neck. However, Kaleb didn’t pursue the subject, the other couple leaving soon afterward.

“He’d do anything for her, I think.” Whatever Sascha had expected to feel from Kaleb, it hadn’t been that raw violence of love. “She’s the same.” The two were as tightly bonded as changeling mates. “It makes Kaleb more dangerous now than he’s ever been.”

Lucas’s green eyes gleamed, telling her his panther was very much part of this discussion. “He has a vulnerability now, and if anyone is ever stupid enough to hurt Sahara, they won’t live long enough to regret it. Sounds normal to me.”

Rolling her eyes, Sascha said, “Of course it sounds normal to you. You’re just as feral.”

A sharp grin. Hand tightening on her nape, he hauled her in for a hot, wet tangle of a kiss, nipping at her lower lip at the end. “You like me feral.” His chest vibrated in a purr under her hands, his lips returning for another lazier, more feline taste. All licks and coaxing seduction.

“Maybe,” she teased, her toes well and truly curled. “Now, let’s go talk to your other feral friend.”

Lucas growled, the sound so deep it filled the room. “Stop calling Hawke my friend. He’s a wolf. It’s against the laws of nature.”

Shoulders shaking, Sascha kissed him again...and thought of a time past when such joy had been beyond her reach, her soul in a box without light.

© Copyright 2014 by Nalini Singh

Click here for more deleted scenes from Shield of Winter!

Haven't yet read Shield of Winter? You can find two excerpts on the website.

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"This book right here is the perfect example of why I ever started reading romance. A hero who adores..protects..seduces...romances..and cherishes the heroine from day freaking ONE." ~ Nichole's Sizzling Pages

Archangel s Shadows USA - Copy

Exclusive Extra: Deleted scenes from ARCHANGEL'S SHADOWS

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Deleted Scene #1

(This short scene was deleted from an early draft of the book)

“As you wish,” Janvier said, quoting an old and beloved movie he and Ashwini had watched together in a tiny theatre in London. She’d just finished a hunt, he’d completed a task for Dmitri—and somehow, though they’d been in a metropolis of millions, they’d found one another.

It wasn’t the first time.

Something tight and lonely in him had smiled the instant he’d seen her striding across the street in his direction. She’d smiled, too, startled and happy before she remembered to scowl at him because he’d incited a hunt five months earlier simply to spend time with her.

It had been much like the scowl currently on her face. “Do I look like a Buttercup?”

He’d much rather have her annoyed with him than fractured and hurt. “You look like you eat Buttercups for breakfast.”

“Remember that, sugar.”

“I will, honey.” He was the one who scowled this time. “Do you know I still cannot stand the taste of honey? You have ruined me.”

She managed to fight her laugh, but her face lit up from within.

So intriguing a mystery, his Ashblade, one he intended to spend an immortal lifetime exploring.

Deleted Scene #2

(This was originally part of the scene where Ash and Janvier go for a long motorcycle ride out of the city. However, the emotional tone of that scene changed until this part no longer fit. However, I love the way the two interact here and I hope you enjoy it!)

As the scene begins, Ashwini and Janvier are standing beside the bike outside a diner.


Lips parting on a sucked in breath, Ashwini gripped his jaw and hauling him down, bit him hard on his lower lip. His cock jerked, but she’d already turned and walked away.

Lifting his fingers to his mouth, he touched the throbbing spot where she’d bitten him…then used those fingers to wolf-whistle. “You have a gorgeous derrière, cher!”

A dangerous look over her shoulder. “You should see me when I’m naked.”

He groaned and jogged to catch up with her as she entered the diner, having every intention of torturing himself further by crowding her in the booth and inhaling the luscious scent of her. His fangs ached, mouth watering.

Waiting for her to slide into a booth, he slid in beside her rather than across the table.

The seat wasn’t built for two and their bodies touched shoulder to hip, thigh to ankle. Her scent was in his every breath, the elegant curve of her neck so close that his fangs pressed down, sensitized and ready. Placing his arm along the back of the seat, he leaned toward the beckoning tempo of her pulse and inhaled slow and deep. “You’re better than apple pie.”

The steady beat sped up to a pounding race.

Her visceral response made his entire body tense with a primal need to take…and to cherish. He wanted to dance with danger with his lethal, beautiful Ashblade, and he wanted to hold her close, tease her to laughter, touch her with merciless tenderness and sweet, hot need.

“Other side of the table,” she ordered in a hoarse voice, flipping a silver throwing star around and through her fingers.

He’d touched one of those stars once, been cut by the razor sharp edge. “If I move now, I’ll shock that nice older couple over there.”

Her eyes dipped—to his pained groan. “Do you want me dead?” he asked.

She smiled…and rose in a fluid move to slide over the table to the other side. “I hope it doesn’t hurt,” she said, taking her phone out of her pocket to place it on the table.

The waitress arrived before he could respond to her oh-so-sincere volley. When she ordered a chicken salad sandwich, he added fries. “I have a weakness for them,” he said with a shrug. “As I do for apple pie.”

Instead of shooting back a reply, she stared at the old-fashioned gingham tablecloth before looking up and saying, “Thanks.”

“For ordering dessert?”

“For the ride.”

“I told you, no thanks between us.” They were far beyond that. “Though if you want to shower me with sexual favors, I’ll grit my teeth and think of England.” He sighed. “It is a heavy burden this poor Cajun must bear, but for you, I will find the strength from somewhere.”

Her lips twitched, her eyes grew bright, and then she lost the battle. Throwing back her head, his Ashblade laughed as the snow fell outside…and the sound was a chain that would’ve wrapped around his heart if she hadn’t already owned it. Owned him.

© Copyright 2014 by Nalini Singh

If you enjoyed the above deleted scenes and want to know more about Ashwini and Janvier's story, click here.

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"I adore Nalini Singh and this is my all time favorite Nalini book. That is saying something, considering that I've read the whole Psy-Changeling series, some of the Guild Hunter series, and thoroughly enjoyed her standalone books." ~ Shameless Book Club

Scherben der Hoffnung Psy Ch 14 2 - Copy

Shards of Hope (Germany) September 3rd 2015

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