Dear : Sun. Sand. Surf. Networking? Not typically what one thinks about when thinking about summer. But the longer, sunnier and often more relaxing d

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Dear :

Sun. Sand. Surf. Networking? Not typically what one thinks about when thinking about summer. But the longer, sunnier and often more relaxing days of summer can be a great time to connect with others in your network.

Whether you're looking to raise your visibility within your field, pick up some new clients, or are searching for a new job, take time this summer to check in or connect with alumni, colleagues and others to grow your network. Stepping up your networking is a sure fire way to get you closer to your career goals.

For those in the market for a new job, networking is a must. 70% of jobs are gotten through networking, making developing a strong network more important than ever. For some tips on the power of networking for job search, check out my guest post on the NACE blog.

I would love to hear about your best networking tips: feel free to email me at, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Have a wonderful summer!


Networking happens every day, everywhere - from the boardroom to a coffee shop, to LinkedIn. Take a look at some current statistics, and note five simple tactics you can adopt NOW for better networking.



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The Three People Who Matter Most in Your Network

Author Josh Mait and behavioral economics expert Gary Belsky sit down to discuss the ways to divide your network and what types of people you should be looking to connect with depending on your intended outcome.

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Tips for Connecting with the Right Business Network

Carol Roth shares three powerful tips on corporate networking for businesses - large and small. My favorite tip: always offer to help others before asking for a favor for yourself!

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Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives -- How Your Friends' Friends' Friends Affect Everything You Feel, Think, and Do

A sociologist at Harvard University, Nicholas Christakis writes about the "Three Degrees of Influence" theory. He discovered that our communities and social networks are like honeycombs in the way that people influence one another. The remarkable finding is that we are not only impacted by our friends, but by our friends’ friends as well. Christakis makes the argument that by surrounding ourselves with a positive, strong network, we are both contributors to and recipients of that positivity, and will benefit accordingly.


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