Welcome! * * * The February issue of "The Instructor" features new exciting resources for teachers and administrators. Besides "Teaching Today: Beco



The February issue of "The Instructor" features new exciting resources for teachers and administrators. Besides "Teaching Today: Becoming the Candidate of Choice" NESCO introduces another new publication entitled "My Practice Portfolio" an outstanding portfolio assessment tool for students and teachers.

This issue also highlights two (2) new programs. READ,REVIEW & REFUND and "QuickPics".
Our new READ, REVIEW & REFUND program rewards you just for reading and our new "QuickPics" provides teachers with simple ready to use teaching aides for under $10. See our website @ #nescoed,com for complete details and access to all N.E.S.C.O. services.

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"Time to Speak Up"
(A commentary on the plight of the illegal immigrant children)


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"My Practice Portfolio"

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Point Of View

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Teachers Society's Heros

Throughout our history, public education has often been the focus of national discussion. These discussions were primarily centered around a specific topic which addressed a needed reform or a serious failing. Today, teachers and teaching is the target of every pundit, politician and self-proclaimed expert. Never before have so very many people had so many contradictory comments about teaching and teachers. If you follow the noise, you will hear teachers blamed for everything from failing schools to bankrupting state budgets. Listen carefully and you will hear the defenders who claim we are educational martyrs slaving away without proper pay, resources or support to do our jobs as successfully as we can. Leading the pact are the alarmists who point there scolding finger at the fact that thousands of teachers are losing their jobs to budget cuts and that future employment opportunities for education majors is bleak at best.
Yes it's true that schools are suffering financially, but to blame teacher pensions and salaries as the main culprit is ridiculous.
In this time of recession, the poor economy limits tax increases and severely lowers state aid; both vital to the economic well-being of schools. As a result of these financial shortfalls more and more school budgets fail. Programs and staff are cut!
Yes it's true that too many children in too many school districts fail. We as educators must improve English Language Arts and Math skills. But let's not loss sight of the improvements we have made with a quickly changing student demographic for whom English is a second language and for children growing up in homes where parents have little or no formal education.
Most teachers still lack the the financial, scientific and technological resources necessary to maximize instruction and improve their effectiveness. We are responsible for preparing students for the 21st century without the resources or common tools of the modern work world. Hopefully the day will come when every student and every teacher will have the tools necessary for better communication, research and learning.
People motivated to teach possess the best of human qualities; the desire to give, to contribute and to make a difference. If the definition of a "hero" is a person of distinguished courage and ability who displays self-sacrifice for the good of humanity, then teachers are society's heroes.

"Read, Review & Reward"

NESCO announces a new program that rewards you for reading!

Earn a 40% refund when you purchase any NESCO publication such as the from nescoed.com. Choose from award winning and popular titles such as “Teaching Today”, “Music Education in Crisis” “Recruitment and Retention” “Elements of Vocal Artistry for Young Singers”, “The Complete Band/Orchestra Directors Information Kit” and others!

Just post your review on the Amazon.com bookstore or the Barnes & Noble online bookstore and notify us at nesco@optonline.net We will refund you (40%) on the cost of the book, sign you up to receive “The Instructor” our free award-winning NESCO e-newsetter! Plus we will send you a coupon for a 15% discount your next NESCO product or service purchase.

Pinterest QuickPicks

Coming Soon! New NESCO QuickPicks!
Simple ready to use teaching aides, such as lesson plans, assessment forms, do-now's, reflection forms, portfolio markers, time-lines, reinforcement activities, listening charts etc.
All easy to use, ready to instantly implement. Immediately available via pdf or hard copy by mail and all QuickPicks are under $10.


My Practice Portfolio

My Practice Portfolio organizes student practice time and serves as an active journal that documents a students’ strengths, creates awareness of weaknesses, shows progress and informs parents.

It improves the teaching-learning process through specially designed assessment exercises that establish specific levels of knowledge and standards of performance expected of at various stages of development.

Through the use of portfolios, students learn to take responsibility for their own learning.

NESCO's new Education Employment Forums are designed to assist teacher candidates seeking new positions by providing participants with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to truly become the Candidate of Choice.
Seeking a new teaching position can be overwhelming and interviewing can be nerve raking. NESCO's Education Employment Forums will show you how to properly present yourself in a manner that will open doors and attract school district supervisors seeking qualified candidates.

N.E.S.C.O. Products

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Basic Elements Vocal

"Basic Elements of Vocal Artistry for Young Singers" contains great song based on solid vocal pedagogy to develop advanced singing techniques. Filled with sound advise, "Basic Elements of Vocal Artistry for Young Singers" will help music teachers be successful teaching upper elementary and middle school singers.

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Active Learning and Engagement Strategies
by Paula Rutherford
@nescoed.com (Book Store)

"Why Curiosity Enhances Learning"
by Marianne Stenger

19 Pencils
Great website-Allow you to discover, manage and share student resources. Also teaches how to program while sharing web-info.

App Store
Designed by an educator for other educators, Planbook lets you plan lesson, attach handouts and weblinks to lessons and track lesson standards.

Teach Teachers How to Create Magic
by Christopher Emdin
What do rap shows, barbershop banter and Sunday services have in common? They all hold the secret magic to enthrall and teach at the same time — and it’s a skill we often don't teach to educators.
This project was created to inspire teachers to use technology in engaging ways to help students develop higher level thinking skills.

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