I feel like a hung parliament. I’ve felt so sure of my direction and what I was doing and now I feel a mess. I’ve got my own version of the DUP hanging on my trouser leg promoting its limited outlook. I’ve got my internal introvert wanting to close the curtains and my socialist whooping for delight oblivious to the DUP's influence.

As I write that my belly starts rumbling. I think, ‘Have some food.’ Then I realise I also need food for my soul. Not the flying in the ether kind of food I’ve been experiencing but two feet on the ground stuff for a spiritual warrior here on earth. Some good solid reading now sorted!

And then, at last, I become conscious my hung parliament feelings are the result of me picking up energies from the collective unconscious.

With Brexit negotiations on the horizon and a hung parliament, absolutely nothing about our collective future is certain except uncertainty. Very uncomfortable! So when people push away their uncomfortable feelings, they enter the pool of the collective unconscious and people like me feel them instead.

No wonder I was picking up such a mush of feeling energy on top of my own!

If you feel out of sorts and a bit all over the place, you too could be picking up other people’s feelings and energies. The way to check is to process how you’re feeling (paragraph one), what associations are made to how you’re feeling (paragraph two) enabling realisation and the ultimate result (paragraph three).

Writing it all down helps your process unfurl. It might not be as short as mine in this newsletter but, as you allow your hand to write, it will most definitely unfold before you. The end result?

I kicked the collective unconscious's energies right into touch just through my realisation. I feel like a fog has lifted. I have clarity, purpose and direction again. And I’m ready to work on something important I’d been putting off.

I sense the divine feminine smiles knowingly all to herself right now...

Woman, if you’re a sensory/energy receiver like me, be mindful that you too can pick up stuff from other people and the collective unconscious. Experiment with using my process. And clear what isn’t yours so you can get on with what is!

Love to you…

Sharon Eden Signature

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