Introduction to Chesed Week

We are excited to welcome all who are viewing these communications to enjoy a time-period of loving, dynamic growth. Every person who comes on this loving, gentle but determined journey makes a huge difference in the kindness that comes into the world. Thank you!

Short Media Clip from Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller - Introduction to Chesed Week and the Final Tefila for the week

Here is a translation of the same tefilah given at an earlier time

For a full shiur on chesed week from Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky, Click HERE

For a shiur from Rabbi Akiva Tatz given through on Pesach, Nisan and Speech that gives a general overview of our inner world and developing ourselves, please click here.

To hear how to have an understanding of our inner world so that there is a breakthrough this Pesach through Shavuous given by Rabbi Doniel Katz,, click here

Seven days of Chesed Week - Getting a Head Start

Rabbi Tzadok Cable, who gives women's learning chaburas through]( is our speaker for each of the seven days of Chesed week.

We plan to send out the first media clip from Rabbi Cable for chesed shebe chesed on Thursday, and the second media clip gevurah shebe chesed on Friday so that we may send out tiferes shebe chesed in a timely fashion in time for Monday.night's count.

The introduction to the entire omer period written by Rabbi Yosef Farhi which we sent out yesterday can be found here and any questions can be addressed to Rabbi Farhi through his website or through

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