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Hello and Welcome ~ December 2022
At LJ2, Inc., a for profit organization, we help families and career minded individuals who struggle in their relationships and communication through education and training. We highlight two departments:
1. Family Education Department [FED]
2. Professional Development Department [PDD].

This year was full of events in both departments!


LJ2, Inc. 2022 End of Year Update

What a Wonderful Year - Thank You to Our Participants!

To all who attended our events during the year, thank you for your support. We hope you will continue to come back for more. We have lots more in store for you next year.

Thank You to Our Guest Speakers!

Looking back, the year was exciting, beneficial, engaging, and powerful in so many ways. Our guest speakers were totally amazing. Their time, experience, education, and professionalism went totally beyond a mere request to speak. They believe in the mission and add value beyond compare. We are a team to be reconned with. We're honored to partner with the best. Thank you all!!

2022 Guest Speakers:

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Highlights From Events This Year

The year began with an outstanding lineup of events and experts. With emphasis on our two departments, Family Education Department [FED] and Professional Development Department [PDD]. First, we are pleased to share highlights from the Family Education Department [FED].

Click below to view the announcement. Watch the recording of the first session of Building Relationships in Our Communities with Families Series 2022.

Cover Slide Whats currently happeningA

What's Currently Happening in Relationships and Marriages Series

This was a 3-part Christian series. The first session brought attention to a wife's stance in the marriage. The second session focused on understanding Dads and the last session helped everyone see forgiveness in another light.
* Powerful Ways Virtuous Women Can Polish Their Rubies: Ways to Develop a Biblical Wife’s Voice in the 21st Century (Guest Speaker: Dr. Lillian Gibson)
* Understanding Dads – The Men and Fathers in Our Lives (Guest Speaker: Dr. John Garcia, Dr. Michael Coleman, and Dr. Lena Jackson-Lynch)
* Forgiveness is a Lifestyle (Guest Speaker: Ms. Terri Adeshola, Pastor)

Click below to watch the announcement.

Second, the year continued with emphasis on the Professional Development Department [PDD] lineup and exceptional experts.

Professional Development screen

Professional Development for Educators

This 3-part series included strategies for becoming Teacher of the Year, tactics for managing the classroom and self-care designed for educators.

▪ 4 Tips to Becoming Teacher of the Year (Guest Speaker: Ms. Nadirah Kelker, Teacher of the Year Recipient)
▪ Reimagining Classroom Management (Guest Speaker: Dr. Tiffany Ridgeway)
▪ POWER of Self-Care for Educators (Guest Speaker: Dr. Ragan Brown)
4 Tips to Becoming Teacher of the Year (Guest Speaker: Ms. Nadirah Kelker, Teacher of the Year Recipient)
Reimagining Classroom Management (Guest Speaker: Dr. Tiffany Ridgeway)
POWER of Self-Care for Educators (Guest Speaker: Dr. Ragan Brown)

Click below to watch the announcement.


Yearly Event

Flyer Bldg Relationships 2022

Our event of the year in August, Building Relationships in our Communities with Families once again brought together local businesses, organizations, and families focusing on relationships.

Click below to watch the announcement.

Rounding out the year, was The Cost of Communication: Through the Voice of a Vietnam Veteran, Guest Speaker: Mr. Gary Steele. In looking at how communication has changed through the years, this workshop, helped us understand what Veterans and their families endured and how communication has changed over the years. Thank you to Veterans who helped protect our nation. Watch the announcement below.

Flyer3 domestic violence 2022

2022 Community Events

The year continued with additional opportunities to partner. We worked with the following partners:

We joined the Domestic Violence Awareness and the Faith Communities event hosted by Denton County Friends of the Family (DCFOF), a 4-part series, led by Ms. Cassandra Berry, Community Educator. This event involved a month-long learning opportunity and building relationships with the faith community. Dr. Jackson-Lynch was one of the facilitators during the first session and supported DCFOF during the entire month of October.

We also partnered with Ted Polk Middle School's Entrepreneurship teacher, Dr. Kalvanetta McPherson in Carrollton, TX. Dr. Jackson-Lynch presented – How to Start a Business for Middle Schoolers (6th – 8th graders). And on a return trip to the school, participated as a judge for the students' business idea presentations. Each visit added value to the child's excitement for learning what it takes to own a business.

We joined S.H. Crowley Elementary School's Counselor, Mrs. Britteny Petty in Crowley, TX at the Parent Child Workshop. Dr. Jackson-Lynch presented - How to communicate with your child effectively to parents and their Kindergarten through 5th graders. This event offered parents and children a new focus when speaking with each other, strengthening family relationships.

Flyer Parent Child Workshop

Also, a donation to the Denton County Friends of the Family and Feeding America organizations were made on behalf of LJ2, Inc. We are thankful for the support given to families through these organizations.


What's Up for Next Year

Next year, don't miss a single event, class, group, or seminar as we inspire you to be a better you in your family and workplace through communication which helps you in your relationships. In addition to our favorites, look for these new events in the Family Education and Professional Development Departments:

Professional Development for First Line Supervisors Program
How to Become an Exceptional Supervisor
Dr. Lena Jackson-Lynch and Mr. Laney Lockhart
• Module 1: Transition from Peer to Supervisor
• Module 2: Sharpen Your Management Skills
• Module 3: Develop Key Leadership Skills

Family Education Department
Learning to Love Me While Waiting for H.I.M. (Husband in Marriage)

Ms. Tashma White

Family Education Department & Professional Development Department
* Anger Management

* Cursive Writing for Fun
* Coaching Services
* Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Dr. Lena Jackson-Lynch

Family Education Department
How to Enhance Your Relationship: Using Gottman’s Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Dr. Lena Jackson-Lynch and Barbara Johnson
-Open for registration - Register below
-Check out our Just For You page-


Facebook Groups and Podcast

Next year also brings opportunities for you to join our groups and Podcast.

Family Education Department
Facebook Group
Just Talking w/Dr. Lena - Join our group!
Dr. Lena Jackson-Lynch and Guest

Professional Development Department
Facebook Group
Dr. Lena Jackson-Lynch and Guest

Podcast coming soon


Did You Know?

When in a conversation, it is important to pause. Allow the other person time to gather their thoughts and speak.


That's it for now!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We wish you continued success in all you do.

Note: Next year look for our newsletter quarterly - March, June, September and December.


Kind regards,
LJ2, Inc. Family Education & Professional Development

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