Olive Vendor, watercolor


Cotton and Iron, watercolor

Three Notables to Share with You

Hi Art aficionado,
Here are some links for you:

• Pierpont Morgan acquired his first Rembrandt etching in 1900. The Morgan Library and Museum holds three hundred etchings by Rembrandt, and you can look at high resolution scans of them online.

Rembrandt's etchings are often studied for their intense narrative and technical skill. Even if you aren't a printmaker, take a moment to explore recurring themes of his compelling work in portraiture, landscape, the nude, Bible-scenes, and candid snippets of everyday life. #beinspired

• Have you heard the saying; You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with? (<--click the link to read more about it) In your immediate social circle, who influences you? The notion is based on social science, statistics and historical evidence.

Example: If you want to be an artist, how many full time artists are in your core group of friends? Are the folks in your chosen tribe lifting you up to be the best you can be, in the field you’re marching towards?

• I just finished listening to Toby Lester's fine book Da Vinci's Ghost. The author researches deep into the history of DaVinci's drawing of Vitruvian Man. Drawn in the 1400's, when most people could not read or write, the depiction of a circle, a square and a man was used to illustrate the cosmos. It's now one of most famous images in the world.

The details of Leonardo's life will be oddly familiar to some: he was self-educated, a vegetarian, and he had an active imagination & remarkable curiosity. He was also unable to secure steady patronage because he failed to meet deadlines. Leonardo was prone to wandering off in search of new projects, leaving patrons frustrated when commissions were never completed. If you're an artist, read this book. (You might also be interested in this article about Bill Gates' purchase of Leonardo's notebooks.)


Quilted Aerial, watercolor

Labor Day Sale in my Etsy Shop

It's Back to School for the kids and teachers, and a sale for art collectors over Labor Day weekend! From August 31st to September 4th, you can take 15% off anything in my Etsy Shop with the coupon code LABORDAY2017. Let me know if you have any questions about shipping or framing, etc.

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Arched Sunshine, watercolor

One More Goodie

On September 4th, for one day, Craftsy's entire catalogue of online classes will be FREE. That's 1200+ online courses to choose from; Quilt, Cook, Crochet, Art, Photo... Mark your calendar, prep a work surface, brew some tea, and strap your learning cap on for one day!

Thanks for your continued support, and Happy September to you!
See you in the next post,

P.S. I usually take an online video course in the Fall, focused on either art-making (watercolor, landscapes, perspective), or art marketing (writing, SEO, etc). Is there an online course you'd recommend, and if so, what did you enjoy about it? (Reply and let me know. Thanks!)


Cafe Coffee Date, watercolor


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