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First Newsletter of the decade: new replicators, calls for volunteers, and a 4000km journey without planes...

Now in the second month of 2020, the PentaHelix Project now has just over one year until completion. With the beginning of the new decade, we have seen a number of indicators of how we must take serious action on climate change. Our pilot municipalities have set a number of goals to reduce their carbon footprints and through using the PentaHelix method to ensure all stakeholders are involved, they are ambitious as well as realistic. How are they doing this? Read below to find out.

About PentaHelix: The project aims to empower local and regional authorities to find innovative and cost-effective approaches to develop, finance, implement, and improve Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs) that contribute to reaching national and European climate and energy goals and policies.

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Belgium ➡ Latvia | In December, Bert Serneels, PentaHelix consortium member and Project Manager at IGEMO, took a 5 day flight-free journey from Brussels, Belgium to Riga, Latvia to attend the PentaHelix consortium meeting. Bert, a supporter of reducing your carbon footprint wherever possible, travelled between 5 capital cities across 4000km using only public transport.

Read more about Bert’s Journey here…


Citizen Participation Outside of Policy-Making


Belgium | IGEMO has used thermography to give hundreds of households advice on how to best insulate their homes, now they're looking to get citizens involved in the process with their thermography volunteers! Thermal imaging has become increasingly popular in recent years because it can perfectly identify where heat is lost from a house. This method is increasingly popular and to continue to offer this service for free, they are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to scan homes making their neighbourhoods better insulated, saving money and reducing their carbon footprint!

Visit our website to learn more about thermography volunteers and how to use European funding to create a similar programme in your municipality.


PentaHelix Success in West Flanders

Picture WVI Inspiration Guide

Belgium | WVI has finalised draft SECAPs for PentaHelix Pilots, and has even added their first replicator with the town of Hooglede!

Read more about SECAP development and how the PentaHelix method can support the development of climate action plans in your municipality here!


'How can municipalities help provide solutions for the population, businesses, etc?'

Ask them!

As Workshop

Norway | Local stakeholders in the Municipality of Ås were invited to two events where they could give their input on how the municipality can cut its greenhouse emissions. Solutions discussed by participants included public transportation, waste management, recycling, electric car chargers, bicycle trails, agriculture, and new fossil free energy solutions.

More information on how to successfully engage stakeholders in similar events can be found on our website!


PentaHelix Presented at LIFE PlanUp Conference


Croatia ➡ Brussels | PentaHelix's Project Coordinator was invited to join as the speaker at LIFE PlanUp Conference, which was organised in the scope of the PlanUp project.

PlanUp's objective is to strengthen the climate and energy governance processes by increasing the involvement of local and regional authorities and civil society organisations in the development and implementation of the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs). This has been great opportunity to present how the PentaHelix approach can support better implementation of climate policies and NECPs, but also to discuss possible synergies with other EU projects aimed at empowering local authorities in their climate action. It was motivating to hear great ideas from many inspiring speakers on how to tackle climate change.

We would also like to hear your voice on how municipalities can fight against climate change! Join our Climate forum and have your say!


Karlovac TaskForce's role in the fight against climate change


Croatia | The city of Karlovac is in the final phase of SECAP development. The developed action plan contains measures proposed and supported by the city's task force group, made up of representative of five PentaHelix pillars - local authorities, citizens, NGOs, industry and academia.
The joint effort resulted in a realistic plan outlining the measures which have to be undertaken in order to reach the ambitious goal of 40% CO2 reduction and increased resilience to climate change by 2030.


Project Resources

Be active in Sustainable Energy and Climate Action - Join the Climate Forum!

PentaHelix wants everyone to have the opportunity actively participate in discussions on Sustainable Energy and Climate Action, we have opened a Climate Forum and we want to hear from you!

PentaHelix Online Support Tools

On our website, there are free resources available to aid SECAP development including:

▪ PentaHelix guidelines for SECAP development
▪  Climate Workshop Presentation (EN)
PentaHelix guidelines for SECAP development
Climate Workshop Presentation (EN)

And more!

Climate Communication Guidelines available on the Website

Climate Communication Guidelines developed from Østfold’s Climate Communication Workshop are now available in English, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, Croatian, and Latvian on our website.


Anything else you want to know about PentaHelix? Visit our website: or visit our Twitter @PentaHelix_EU

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