Hi ! Quilters tell me this all the time, I have so many Unfinished projects (UFO in quilt talk)! What do I do, i just want to start new things! We

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Hi !

Quilters tell me this all the time, I have so many Unfinished projects (UFO in quilt talk)! What do I do, i just want to start new things!

We bribe ourselves to finish something, we hide them in boxes under the bed in the other room, we look at them, feel overwhelmed, then put them back.

The one thing that really stress out a quilter is a UFO. And if they start to pile up, it's really not much fun to have them hanging over our heads.

Notice I said 'our heads'.

Since I run a business, i have have accumulated a LOT of UFOs. I start things and never get back to finish them. I'm a pretty normal everyday quilter.

I also have plans on how to get rid of them. How to think about if they are worth doing. How to decide which I'll spend my time on.

It's been awhile since I've done a UFO Busting series. The truth is, I need to do it for my own as much as to share with you!

I'd like to get your input. So I wrote a quick article where you can tell me what you think ..RIGHT HERE

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I have a Tip on selecting Fabric for your Grandma's Kitchen setting at the end
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The deal of the week is the Spelling Bee Book on sale!

I've had a love affair with the alphabet forever! My favorite childhood books were alphabet books. The new Spelling Bee book is super fun. It's spiral bound too, which makes it so nice! The letters come in 2 sizes and there are other blocks.

Right now I'm not sure WHERE I'm going with this. A whole quilt for... mmmm... a great niece? for a Great nephew... for .. me?

I have an idea I posted and would love to hear what you think.. and you can see All my Spelling Bee posts

Spelling Bee book ON SALE for 20% off!

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1. Precuts of the week - there are always great options, the Frosty fabric is so cute!
2. Book of the Month -The Jolly Bar book! I love these patterns that show off the fabric and are fast to make. at 7.95 you need one! (Get Jolly bars precuts, some on sale!)
3. Basic of the Month- Grunge
4. Pattern of the Month on the town bag
5. Notion of the Month - Stablizers, foam and all things to make bags and table topperslike those wreath ones!
6. FIRST shop the Fat Quarter shop Flash Sale

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The current Fabulous Friday giveaway is this WHOLE bundle! That fabric is gorgeous Japanese Yucata..

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Spelling Bee- this is SO fun and I'll have day towards the end, and I'm sewing along during and post about it! *

Coming in 2018

Skill Builder I want to do a project that is a great learning tool, and this is it!
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TIP - Auditioning Setting fabrics for your Grandma's Kitchen

Now that you have the layout you can tie all the blocks together with the sashings and additional setting blocks. This is how I work
* Put the blocks on the design wall
* Look at your color balance. if blocks need moved for color, do that. They don't need to be in the same order as mine
* lay fabric in the position where it will go to 'audition' it.
* Visit my online group photo pagefor people sharing their rows, they look fantastic!



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