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This is a more Tai Chi focussed issue that includes a post on the connection between Tai Chi and sport. There's a Tai Chi Tip and an ancient quote by Lao Tzu plus two short YouTube clips - one on Sung and one on Balance.

Also there's a link to an article for those interested in finding out about Tai Chi, from a health perspective.

Chris Bennett
Chris Chi


Tai Chi and Sport


Most of the coaches and players I work with in my Sports Chi program consider Tai Chi, at first, as a slow moving relaxing form of meditation.

Of course I'm biased, because I teach Tai Chi - but the art has so much to offer sports coaches and players.

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Tai Chi Tip

When you have completed the Tai Chi form - meditate for a short time before walking away.


Importance of Sung (Relaxation)


Rick Marantz of Green Mountain Tai Chi teaches an exercise to help understand the concept of Sung in Tai Chi.

This 2.03 clip is a short introduction to Sung, pronounced Soong and it's probably one of the most important skills to understand and master in Tai Chi.

In all my Tai Chi training I try and maintain sung to get the maximum health benefits it has to offer.


Qigong Balance


In this 2.03 clip Dr Yang Jwing-Ming covers his four key tips for balance.

They include: develop and maintain strong legs; keep the torso upright (tuck in the tailbone); relax the body; and condition balance sensitivity.


Health Benefits of Tai Chi

This article by Harvard Health Publishing is handy for those who are new to Tai Chi and would like to get an overview of the health benefits it has to offer.


Connecting on LinkedIn


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I usually provide tips and information on LinkedIn each week that may be of interest for you.

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