Hello Dear Ones! The other day, while participating in an online call, the facilitator mentioned pots on a stove as a metaphor for self-care. She sai

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Hello Dear Ones!

The other day, while participating in an online call, the facilitator mentioned pots on a stove as a metaphor for self-care. She said it originated with Jennifer Louden. Jennifer is a very creative self-care devotee. I have two of her books: "The Woman's Comfort Book" which I bought about twenty-five years ago, and "The Life Organizer" which is a great personal wellness guide for women.

Anyway, you all know how I love a good metaphor, and it doesn't take much to get me started.

So I got to thinking...

Pots on Stove-A

About pots on stoves...

Some pots are really big and can hold a whole lot.

Others, not so much.

Big or small, they can be filled too full.

And boil over, creating a big mess.

Or they can be not filled enough, left neglected too long, with too much heat.

And burn dry, also creating a big mess.

Then there's how many pots can fit on a stove at one time and still be properly managed/get their fair share of heat.

And what size of pot is appropriate for the job at hand.

Not to mention timing. Some pots need more time than others to produce a "perfect" product.

They may need to be put on sooner or stay on longer.

And just how high does the heat need to be turned up to be hot enough, but not too hot.

Yet, despite all of these variables and things that could go awry with pots...

great meals get prepared on stoves in kitchens large and small, domestic and institutional...

each and every day!!

Miraculous or what, eh?

About the pots on YOUR stove...

Indulge me for a minute. I smell some great food for thought!

Let's say the stove represents your life.

And all the pots? Well, they represent the various parts that make up your life, however you compartmentalize them.

Such as: physical, mental, and spiritual health; family; relationships; work and career; finances; where you live...

All these moving parts, err, pots. They can wax and wane in importance in the course of a day, month, year, and even over decades.

Consider the pot of work and career in your twenty-somethings versus during retirement. Possibly gone from super-sized then, to not even on the stove now.

Or you're really cooking in one great big pot of your life, and along comes a divorce or health issue and your big pot gets displaced by another even bigger pot.

How many pots are on your stove right now?

What's in the biggest pot?

Are they all big pots?

Do they all need to be crowded on your stove at once?

Can you take some off, or put the contents in smaller, more manageable pots?

Is one pot getting more attention at the expense of other pots?

What if you limited the number of pots on your stove to four? Or one? Or two? How would your life change? Would you feel better or worse than you do right now?

When you step back and look at the pots on your stove, are you happy with what you see? The meal you are cooking?

Is yours like a hearty, old-fashioned home-cooked meal on a wood stove like grandma used to make?

Or some sort of quick, organized, modern day equivalent that's nutritious and no mess?

Or maybe your meal isn't cooked on a stove at all! There's always take out, processed, microwave ready, energy bars and drinks...

Yet, despite all these variables and things that could go awry with the pots of our lives...

whether we feel overwhelmed and defeated by our troubles and all that life is throwing at us, or proud and happy that we're doing such a great job of living our best life...

the earth continues to rotate on its axis, the sun rises and sets whether we see it or not, and lives are lived fully by people doing the best they can with what they know...

each and every day!!

Miraculous or what, eh?

Happy cooking!



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