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Maggie and Dozer

Dear Readers,

We have had a difficult beginning to spring here at Serenity. On Easter morning, our beautiful, wonderful Dozer dog made his transition. He lived to the ripe old age of 11 & 1/2, a long life for an English Mastiff. And he enjoyed every day of it up until his last.

Dozer came to us right after our home had been gutted by fire. I'd lost my great dane Sally and bulldog Wrinkles in that fire. Lance and I were dating, but not yet cohabiting. I had lost a lot already, and felt stripped to the bone. My daughter Jessie convinced to go look at these newborn mastiff pups thinking it would cheer me up. I've always loved the giant breeds, being raised with St. Bernards, and had often mused on having a mastiff someday.

IMG 2120.JPG

Lance and I drove out to look at the pups. They were newborns, eyes not even opened yet, and didn't do a thing to cheer me. But then the owner said she had this one boy, 3 months old, from a previous litter who needed a home.

We found him in a barn, outside, trying to hide behind a shovel. Which was comical. He was already a great big boy.

We couldn't resist and brought him home immediately. He threw up all the way. In Lance's lap. I was driving. He hated riding in automobiles, but eventually we cured that by taking him on very short trips that ended at the ice cream shop. He'd get a treat. Suddenly cars were not so bad.

IMG 4322.JPG

L to R: Daisy, Benny, Dozer

Dozer brought life back into my burnt out house. Into my heart too. I had one room that was untouched by the fire, where I lived like a college student while the rest was rebuilt. I had a mini-fridge, a futon, a two burner cooktop, a coffee pot, my cat Glory, and my brand new puppy. Glory was wary at first, but within a few hours they were snuggling up together. Dozer would sleep on the futon with me, and he grew so fast that it soon looked more like a hammock, the middle sinking almost to the floor. I couldn't lie down without rolling to the middle with him. No wonder he got so attached.

No wonder I did.

IMG 2560

Jowls and ears, flapping in the breeze

I might be biased, but I think Dozer the Dozarian was the greatest beast ever to walk the earth. We used to joke that he was really just a flesh sack filled with love. And I believe it was true. The flesh sack is gone, but the love remains.

I tried to feel him the other day, during meditation. I knew I couldn't feel him while grieving, so I called up happy memories and put my tears aside. Soon I felt the oddest sensation filling my heart and spilling out into every cell in my body. The closest I could describe it was like thick, warm honey flowing into me. (Or Dozer Drool, hubby said.)

He's fine. He's reunited with Daisy and Lance's mom, Lee, who adores him as much as we do, and their spirits are romping around this place with us in everything we do. It's only a brief and illusory separation. We'll all be together again when it's time.

That's all I can write for you today, dear ones. More soon. Love to all.

All is well, and all is well, and all is truly well.

IMG 5178 copy
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