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In the world of magic, intellectuals and scholars are more drawn to the art of storytelling and bizarre magic than any other genre; it's a fact. Don't believe me? Then take a look at this stellar lineup for Doomsday 13, the year's most anticipated bizarre magic event!

Tickets are selling fast, so if you're considering joining us, now is the time to book your place. For 2024, we have combined the performance area and the dealer room by moving into the largest room at the venue, which can hold an extra 50 attendees, so there's no excuse!

Here is the complete list of performances and lectures (not in order of appearance).


Paul Forster presents 'Hauntiques'

Last year, Paul Forster, the Paranormalist, mesmerized audiences with his best-selling show at The Durham Fringe Festival. Delving into the intriguing and eerie realm of Hauntiques, he explores the mysteries of objects with dark histories or paranormal energies. Join Paul for an immersive investigation into his chilling collection of items as he navigates the delicate boundary between life and death.


Dr Todd Landman presents 'Truth'

From the 'big lie' to 'alternative facts,' the status of truth has never been more under question. Magicians have been lying since the beginning of time, but how can magic help us explore the nature of truth? Dr Todd Landman, The Academic Magician, is pleased to perform several debut routines from his new show Truth, including Hevel, Hannibal's Haunting, Our Dark Century, and The Resolution. Prepare to be baffled, educated, and entertained all at the same time.


The Great Borrini presents 'Tales from the Wunderkammer'

A distinguished gentleman of mystery, an academic, and a magician, The Great Borrini is a member of The Magic Circle and President of the Liverpool Mahatma Magic Circle; his expertise knows no bounds. His magic and mentalism dwell in the realms of the weird, the strange, the bizarre, and the macabre. Embark on a journey of marvels and storytelling as he invites you to step into his wunderkammer, where the innermost drawers of his cabinet of curiosities will be revealed. Are you prepared to peer into the depths of the unknown?


Prof BC presents 'Charles Dickens, Conjurer'

A celebrated performer, inventor, lecturer, and philosopher in mystery entertainment unveils his latest production: "CHARLES DICKENS, CONJURER." This unique presentation showcases vintage magical apparatus and props dating back to the 1840s, the tools Charles Dickens used in his personal performances between 1840 and 1849.

Nick at Halloween

Nick Brunger

2023 Hex Factor Winner returns to Doomsday under his alter-ego, Dr. Nicolas Grimoire. Renowned as a masterful teller of ghost stories, Nick has led countless Halloween ghost walks for esteemed organizations like English Heritage and the National Trust. His "Creepy Carmarthen" tour, showcasing bizarre magic intertwined with the town's chilling history (complete with occasionally very active ghosts), earned the title of Welsh Visitor Attraction of the Year. It has garnered attention from television, radio, and national newspapers, solidifying Nick's reputation as a captivating storyteller and purveyor of the macabre.


Krystal Younglove

Steel your hearts and witness the astonishing Krystal Younglove, The Indestructible Lady – a whimsical and family-friendly spectacle! This 10-in-1 extravaganza harks back to the classic circus sideshows of bygone eras. Krystal will showcase bone-shattering traps, her invulnerability to beds of nails, incredible feats of strength, and even the daring act of hammering nails into her face – all the things your mama warned you about!

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Michael Diamond

While his alter-ego, Dr. Diablo, enjoys a well-deserved holiday in Transylvania, Michael Diamond will unveil some secrets from his Ultimate Book Of Shadows for a truly bizarre performance. Michael's expertise extends globally, lecturing throughout the UK and internationally for the Inner Circle Of Bizarre Magick and twice for the prestigious Magic Circle in London. He is also a gold member of the 'Eternal Order Of The Immortals and was awarded the 'Order Of The Bat' for his contributions to Bizarre Magick.

Mario KOJACK 1

Mario Morris

Enter the enchanting world of Mario Morris, a seasoned street performer and magician with over three decades of experience. Fearlessly exploring realms of Bizarre Magic, Divination, Paranormal entertainment, and ceremonial magic, Mario conducts fire rituals at sacred sites across the globe, from Glastonbury to Andalucia, Spain, and Nevada's native American sites, infusing his journey with mystique. Mario offers insights into opening and closing circles and invoking elemental energies. Seamlessly integrating storytelling into his performances, he presents effects from his Spirit Wizard Show.


Fiona Maher Presents 'Deceiving a Genius.'

Over a hundred years ago, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle became embroiled in an unlikely event that would forever define him for many people. What possessed the genius creator of Sherlock Holmes to fall for a simple hoax concerning fairy photographs? Was he really that gullible, or was he the victim of his times? Author, producer, and playwright Fiona Maher returns to Doomsday for a well-overdue update on her Cottingley Fairies research.

Hex Factor

Do you have what it takes to win the Hex Factor 2024? Each performer is given a 10-minute slot in which to display their magic routines, disturbing talents or anything they feel is suitable for the Doomsday audience. A panel of judges will give feedback but ultimately the audience will decide on the best act of the evening.

The winner will be awarded a full performance spot at Doomsday 14 and a pair of free tickets but more importantly, they will win The Hex Factor trophy!

The Hex Factor is now full, but if you'd like to register as a reserve performer, please e-mail me.


There is also a great dealer room where you will be persuaded to part with your hard-earned cash for weird and wonderful artefacts and illusions.

If that wasn't enough, remember that the price of your ticket includes a sumptuous buffet lunch and unlimited tea and coffee.

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Doomsday 13 merch is now available at the Lebanon Circle Store! There are T-shirts in both men's and women's sizes, posters, art prints, and more to come! Look the part, beat the humidity, and be the envy of all of your boring magician mates who've never been to Doomsday! Everything is printed on demand in your native country, so there is no import tax and long shipping times!

DD13 Badge

Behold the Doomsday 13 pin! Free to all attendees, and spares will be available to give to your cat-loving friends!

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