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No matter how you slice it, America continues to make the bold moves promised by the White House. Dialing back in order to recreate a foreign policy that is bold and strong, the US has taken some smart, brave steps toward solidifying its reentry into the international stage as leader. US-Israel ties have benefited, as you all know from active work to make this happen, with the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem and more.

Last week the US officially withdrew from the UNHRC, a so-called human rights commission that spent more time condemning Israel than Syria, Iran and Lebanon combined. Maybe now human rights will really and finally be taken seriously and addressed in some other venues. Click here to hear the strong voices explaining from the White House: As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says: "Shameless hypocrisy... with many of the world's worst human rights abuses going ignored."


Israel continues to suffer dangerous terror out of Gaza, aimed at farmers and families living alongside the Gaza strip in Israel. Acres of fields have burnt, livelihoods are being lost every day, and dangerous balloons and kites act as weapons in a terrorist war against Israel. Its purpose? Ask them. The residents of Gaza live under constant fear of an oppressive Hamas regime. While this is true, where are their brothers in the Arab world? Where are their neighbors and families, living in the Palestinian Authority? Why are their leaders not speaking out in order to free them of this oppression? While Israel would like to be a catalyst for change, we are rejected by both Hamas and PLO leaders, their people are not allowed to benefit in any way from their Israeli neighbors.​ Yet calls for a 'free Gaza' resonate in the media as if this quick-fix means something real for those who are suffering. It is a bad situation, made worse by pithy slogans and an international community that supports terror against innocent Israelis as if this possibly leads to better lives for the people in the region.

Click here for a thoughtful commentary from Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

Help your friends and colleagues educate themselves, to know that by not understanding what is happening within the Gazan regime, by adding in Israel as evil stepmother, they are missing the very real point of how to help Gaza. First, terror must be denounced. Second, follow the money - to finally influence the leades to use it for the good of the people; not to build tunnels and weapons, nor to line their own pockets and mansions, but to use the cement, the bricks and the finances for their residents. And third, to use media responsibly, to tell the story of a people oppressed by their own internal leadership. That might be difficult, as press is censured and people fear honesty, but that's the job of a free press, is it not? We expect more of the international community, on behalf of the man on the street - shouldn't we all?


Summer's heat is slowly imposing itself as our days grow longer... Take time out to enjoy the family, and know that we are here. Questions, comments, ideas for action are all welcome at our Yes! Israel project headquarters. We've got some talented interns who've joined our team for the summer and it's a great boost to our research team. Look for some geared-up action on other fronts soon, as well, and thank you!

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Israel represents law and justice against those who deny them. Yet it is falsely painted as fundamentally illegitimate and guilty of repeated illegality and breaches of international norms.

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Israel is Beautiful!

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