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Gaze to the stars and follow your dreams in this new year.


Photos by Kiki Michalek

Be well on your journey into this new beginning. Walk gently into the path that you take. With a heart wide open, you are able to see without eyes, hear without sound, feel without touch. Let the gentlest of breeze kiss your cheek with blessings and kindness. Tread lightly upon the Earth. Respect all life around you. My wish is that we may all find peace and harmony in this natural world. To be conscious and educated so that we may protect our open spaces and the creatures that live among us.
To all of my friends, near and far, I wish you all the best in health and happiness all of the year long.

leap year

Mr. Frog by Kiki Michalek

On the easel

My Carousel Paintings are moving along, full steam ahead. The watercolor concepts are nearly complete and the super sized acrylic paintings are progressing well. Here's Mr. Frog, leaping into the new year.

IMG 7351

"On a Horses Wings" by Kiki Michalek

Upcoming Events

January 20 - Airbrush Demo. - 12 - 2pm

Follow me as I work my way through "A Horses Wings" using an airbrush with masking and freehand techniques. Here is a link to the video of its creation.

at Air Borne CreationsAir Borne CreationsAir Borne Creations, studio 308, Winsted, CT

Kind regards,
Kiki Michalek

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