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Newsletter Exclusive Excerpt from "Power of A Princess" the sequel to "More Than A Princess"

The cooing of doves woke Aislin the next morning. "Please be quiet," she mumbled, opening her eyes just enough to glance at the birds on her window ledge. The doves grew silent and hunched down into their feathers. Aislin sighed. The birds had only been doing their jobs. It wasn't their fault that she hadn't canceled her normal wake-up coo.

When Aislin looked around, Twinket was no longer on the other pillow. The princess wondered where the doll had gone because they usually got up at the same time. It took Aislin a moment to remember the list she had to write, but then it was all she could think about. Slipping off the edge of her bed-swing, she padded into the bathing room where a two-foot high waterfall splashed into the small pond at its base. Dogwood trees that never stopped blooming grew behind the waterfall, while daffodils and crocuses decorated the edge of the pond.

Draping her nightgown over a branch, Aislin stepped into the pool and sank back so that her head was resting on a moss-covered rock shaped just for her. Closing her eyes, she thought about who she would put on the list. Poppy, of course, but Aislin didn't want all of her ladies-in-waiting to be fairies. A varied group would be more helpful with their different attributes complimenting each other's abilities. Two girls came to mind immediately, although she knew they would be highly unconventional ladies-in-waiting. Lin was a warrior through and through. As far as Aislin knew, the pedrasi girl had little knowledge of life at the fairy court, but she did know things that could come in handy just about anywhere else. Deela probably didn't know much about the court either, but the orc girl's presence there would be so distracting that people wouldn't notice if she didn't use the correct fork to eat her food. That tendency to distract might come in handy at times.

Aislin decided that if she was going with unconventional, she might as well include Kimble, the spriggan girl who had shown herself to be brave and resourceful in Mount Gora. Kimble would enjoy visiting the fairy court, even if it wasn't Deephold.

That left one more position to fill. Aislin laughed out loud when she thought about who she'd like to add to the list. The girl was the same age as Deela, but much, much bigger and would have an even bigger impact at court. Salianne was a giant and one of Aislin's good friends, although they never saw each other as much as they'd like. Her parents were shy, like most giants, and they rarely came to court except when summoned. Aislin had a feeling that Salianne would enjoy the chance to meet people and would make a good addition to the list, regardless of what others might think. If Aislin's ladies-in-waiting were meant to impress the humans, then who better than a giant?

"Power of A Princess" the sequel to "More Than A Princess" coming November 2019 from Bloomsbury Publishing


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Bob the Stableman from "Maggie and the Flying Horse" book 1 in the "Magic Animal Rescue" series written by E.D. Baker & Illustrated by Lisa Manuzak

What to do when you have Pegasus Problems

By: Bob the Stableman

Do you have a Pegasus infestation? Do they show up in a large group and eat your crops, trample your freshly planted fields and terrorize your herds? Do they chase away your cattle from their hay or hog the best grazing areas? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may have a Pegasus problem (PP).

Some simple facts about Pegasus.
~ Pegasus often travel in smaller herds of 3-7 animals. However, they can have herds of a larger size (10+) depending on where they originated.
~ Pegasus like to play and can be rough on their environment when they get really worked up and rambunctious. Sometimes they destroy fences, smaller trees, and terrorize smaller farm animals into being less productive.
~ These marauding herds of Pegasus are typically youngsters who have evaded the Pega-Sprite or have migrated south from beyond the mountains. Youngsters are particularly hard to contain and and are rarely born in captivity.
~ Pegasus eat much of the same forage as horses and unicorns. They do require a lot more foodstuffs because of the energy they expend flying and migrating to better areas of fodder.
~ Pegasus will ALWAYS have a herd Alpha who leads the group to their next destination. When a Pega-Sprite helps remove or contain a herd, they will determine who the Alpha is and capture that individual first. The rest of the herd will follow wherever that Alpha is taken.
~ A side note, Pegasus are not to be confused with Flying Horses. Pegasus are the size of a standard horse while Flying Horses at full size will fit into the palm of your hand.

So what do you do about your PP? You have a couple of good options. First, you could call on me and I will come and remove them for you if I'm not too busy at the stables. If I'm not available, you can try a few simple solutions that normally do the trick.

Option #1 Take an old feed sack and put glass bottles in the bottom of it and stick it out on a fence post or tree limb in the area you want the Pegasus to leave. They hate the sound of the bottles banging together and the flapping of the feed bag tends to be scary. You may need to hang several of these bottle bags around the area if it's a big field popular to the Pegasus.

Option #2 This option works well, but may create a secondary problem. You can place buckets of maple syrup near the Pegasus' favorite drinking spots and they will definitely not come back. They HATE the smell and taste of the syrup. The problem is that flying pigs and horse flies tend to love syrup and may come from afar to get themselves a syrupy snack. So this option really only works if you are in a horsefly/flying pig free area.

Option #3 Hire a Pega-Sprite. This particular sect of sprite are uniquely skilled in breaking and training Pegasus and will often make trades with the owners of land that have Pegasus infestations. They will take the Pegasus herd with them to their training camps and teach them all kinds of helpful skills so that they will be useful individuals rather than herds of pests.

If options 1-3 won't work for you, remember you can always try to find me at the stables again and I will do my best to help relieve you of your Pegasus Problem.


Classroom Visits via Skype For Teachers & School Librarians

E.D. Baker is now available for a limited number of classroom Skype visits each month.

~ Visits are 15-20 minutes long.
~ E.D. Baker requests that students be familiar with her books prior to the Skype visit.
~ Discussion Questions for some of E.D. Baker's books are available and can be sent to teachers ahead of scheduled Skype visit.

For more information please Contact Us.

Fairy-TaleMatch MagicalMatch 9781681191393

Book #4 in "The Fairy Tale Matchmaker" series

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I now have my very own YouTube channel "Author E.D. Baker Writes". In each episode I answer questions about my books as well as questions from fans. If you have a question you would like answered in one of my upcoming Episodes please email it to


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Princess Before Dawn

Book 7 in The Tales of The Wide Awake Princess series!

In the seventh tale of the Wide-Awake Princess series, Princess Annie's beloved home Treecrest has become a favorite destination for all sorts of magical beings. One new set of guests are particularly strange, and they are ready to take over a new hunting ground. Annie and Liam turn to their only friends who can help, Francis and Zoe. But when Francis and Zoe arrive in Treecrest, the new hunting group is having too much fun to pack up and go home and nothing Francis or Zoe say seems to help.

Can Annie, Liam and their new friends figure out a way to reclaim Treecrest before it's overrun with hunters? Or will Annie lose her one true home?

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Featured Book of the Month

"Fairy Lies" the sequel to "Fairy Wings" hit stores on
February 14, 2012!

In this delightful sequel to Fairy Wings (originally titled Wings) the fairy princess Tamisin has been kidnapped from her home in the human world by Oberon, king of the fairies, who thinks he's her father. When Tamisin's boyfriend Jak finds out, he sets off to rescue her. In this funny and heartwarming romp through a land of fairies, goblins, sphinxes, unicorns, and many more, Tamisin and Jak try to regain their romance even as they find their way back to the human world.

E. D. Baker is a master of the madcap world of magical creatures and she demonstrates once more that a clever girl who shows a dose of kindness, humor, and common sense can overcome almost any fearsome foe, no matter how magical!

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