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Dear all Moral Fairground supporters,
from our team to you and yours, we wish you a Fruitful Festive Season.
Remember to reflect on the year past before moving on into the new year to be ready for new growth and new experiences!
Happy Holidays!
Susanna & the Moral Fairground Team.


Follow our Ethical Living Blog - great stories every time. Meet Pollinate Group this year's winner of the Ethical Enterprise Award

Pollinate Group outside 1

Pollinate Team at their North Fitzroy Headquarters with Susanna Bevilacqua (Centre)

By now you probably know that Pollinate Group took home the Ethical Enterprise Award winning title as well as a host of prizes, and a gorgeous Ethical Enterprise Award! We’ve excitedly shared the news and breakdown of the prizes and the generous sponsors and judges in our latest media release.

Now that the dust has settled, we have the opportunity to share about five minutes worth of insights from an ‘up close and personal’ chat with Pollinate Group. We discussed How they came to be and What drives them to continue, wrapping up with Where they see the business going in the coming year!

DSC 4664

The Winning Trophy

Collaborating with Pollinate Group looks like....

Finding solutions together is a key value at Pollinate Group and collaboration is how they get things done. Pollinate Group shared that while it’s tough to identify the best collaborative experience, in terms of the impact on women entrepreneurs and the neglected communities they serve, the merger of Empower Generation and Pollinate Energy to form Pollinate Group has been one of the biggest examples of collaboration. They also proudly work with partners like Greenlight Planet, DOEN Foundation, DFAT BPP, Worley and Australian Ethical to increase their impact. Pollinate Group believe the best collaboration experiences involve transparency, honesty and not shying away from discussing challenges, recognizing biases or skills gaps, and committing to learning from each other. Alright, so that sounds amazing, who else wishes Pollinate Group were their ‘lab partners’ of today?! Continue Reading here....


Our month of connections

We have spent the last few weeks paying visits and getting to know the passionate founders of social enterprises that form this wonderful community of conscious driven businesses. We continued with the theme of this year on "Collaboration" and here is what our friends at Enable had to say.

DSC 4684 copy

Meet Enable Award Winning Social Enterprise

Best collaborative experience and how it helped both Enable and the collaborating partner:

Enable have an excellent Social Procurement collaboration with REECE. Social procurement is a major driver of commercial revenue for Enable, in particular, contracting services from Enable for accredited technology and asset decommissioning as a prime example. The social procurement equation is simple – the more procurement with Enable, the more training, work experience, employment and opportunities to pathways to industry jobs for disadvantaged job seekers Enable can provide. Read more here.....

enable 2
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