Would you invest two days to change your life and your health and the lives and health of those you love? Everyone can answer YES to that! Well now i

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Would you invest two days to change your life and your health and the lives and health of those you love?

Everyone can answer YES to that! Well now is the time and Kelowna is the place. And while you are at it book yourself a couple of extra days to enjoy this beautiful valley. What a grand and glorious time to come to the beautiful Okanagan and tie a vacation to a weekend of learning some new and life changing skills.

Beach at Bertrum Park Kelowna BC

I am excited to be teaching three workshops in May and June that have something for everyone. I am sending to BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan as people are beginning to link a workshop with a vacation in one of the jewels of Canada!

Workshop Dates 2015 - DENNIS BARNETT

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Quantum Touch Level I

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Quantum-Touch® is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Life Force Energy, also known as “chi” or“prana” is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings.Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy, for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results.

This therapy is a non invasive hands on energy modality to adjust and align the body, shift bone structures, relieve pain anywhere in the body, promote speedy healing, contribute to burn healing, etc. Basically benefiting the whole body. Quantum Touch has offered many massage therapists the opportunity to "work less" and "accomplish more" by utilizing the energy during massage. Other energy practitioners are amazed at the "turbo-charged" effects and results achieved.

The regular price for this workshop is $400 but if you register before May 10 you qualify for the the Early Bird Rate of $350 That is a nice saving for you! Also if you are on the Practitioner or Instructor Path and have already attended a Level 1 Live class your investment is half price as it is for those 18 and under (with proof of attendance or age).


Learn to Dowse

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You can learn to Dowse and have this amazing tool on hand to check and change frequencies to optimal levels. Whether that be for your personal relationship compatibility, your health, work situations, or clearing a hotel room so you can sleep. Or to clear a board room of previous negatively and set the stage for a great meeting.

Dowsing can be used as a tool to further your journey. It is an elegantly simple way to direct your intent to reshape the world around you. There seems to be nothing that cannot be affected in a positive way with intent and a dowsing system.

Some of the topics covered:
• Getting to know about and use dowsing tools.
• How to program your system to give you clear answers, percentages etc.
• Proper language/question formatting and intention setting for best results
• Techniques to deal with changing the disharmony of relationships, changing the frequencies for prosperity, raising life energy, checking and changing the energetic frequency of your home and property, etc etc
• Removal of negativity, entities, etc
• Charging (enhancing) water
• Changing the frequency of an object to enhance your own energy field and detrimental life situation

There is much more that will be covered in the class. This is a very experiential format and is a very valuable tool and step in understanding and changing frequencies.

"We want to keep our Human Energy Patterns clear, balanced and beneficial. Imbalances in our lives – resulting from our negative and inappropriate reactions to life circumstances – manifest as imbalances in our Human Energy Patterns. These imbalances will dowse and have the effect, on us and on others, as though they were detrimental energies; they will weaken us. The more fear, anxiety, anger, etc. you have in your life, the more unbalanced the energy will be in your Human Energy Pattern, and therefore in your home. It’s a matter of degree. Almost everyone has some imbalances in their energy patterns, so don’t be alarmed if you find some in yours." - Joey Korn - Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment
EARLY REGISTRATION $350 Register before May 17, 2015
Regular Tuition $400
Check the "Buddy Rate" and you could save up to an additional $100/person




Quantum-Touch® Level II-
Prerequisite QT Level I

"I Had No Idea This Was Possible..." --Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum Touch

"In 2009, I made a huge discovery about QT, and then very rapidly, one insight quickly cascaded with another and then another. If the basic QT workshop was like a rocket, the advanced QT Level II workshop picks up exactly where we left off and will send it into orbit and beyond."
-Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum Touch

Some of things you will learn:
• Discover a New Way to Run Energy
• New Abilities
• Healing Trauma
• Discover Physiological Happiness
• Open to Greater Intuitive Ability
• New Professional Skills and Income for Practitioners
• Open Portals to Wisdom
• Open to Greater Love
• Amazing New Chakra Discoveries
• Use Energy with the Law of Attraction
• The Quantum-Touch Meditation
• Explore and Enter the New Paradigm

What People Are Saying About Quantum Touch Level II

"I have discovered that QT II has actually helped me amplify the love that is emitted.
I am getting faster results with my clients and still...amazing, wonderful and miraculous outcomes. I am also able to combine Level I techniques simultaneously with Level II. While energy is flowing from my heart and heart chakra, it is also flowing from my hands, and combined with visualization techniques, it results in consistently bountiful and beautiful energy healing experiences - and my clients feel it too!

From being abuzz with tingling, circulating energy, to literally feeling a sense of warmth in their hearts and soul, all while they are being healed in whatever way they need. I've discovered that "trusting" the energy and not forcing it, yields optimum results. I highly recommend QT Level II, as it complements EVERYTHING else, and is yet another potent piece to this evolving science of 21st century healing. I am grateful every time I use it." -- Neal D. Bogosian QT Practitioner & QT Level II Graduate (Rhode Island)

Class Fee $450

I'm really excited to be offering these three outstanding workshops to not only the people of the Okanagan but also to students coming from other areas.

These modalities have all changed my life in the most amazing ways and they will change yours as well. I look forward to seeing you in Kelowna!

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