36 bay street.staten island.718-954-0452.www.honorwines.com November? So negative....We think YESvember sound SOOO much better! So the Elections ar

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36 bay street.staten island.718-954-0452.www.honorwines.com


November? So negative....We think YESvember sound SOOO much better!

So the Elections are over and no matter what side you were on, you're probably not too happy with the outcome but here at home, on the fair Isle of Staten, The AVALON on the Hudson......

we can return to CIVILITY and CIVIL DISCOURSE, shake off our collective CIVIC MALAISE and say YES to getting involved in our community in meaningful, supportive and productive ways! AND that, (along with a case of wine), will MAKE you HAPPY!!!!!

Suggestions for a Wonderful Yesvember from a Happy-Know-it-All

Did you know that it's a Scientifically Proven that giving actually makes you happier than receiving???? (EVER here of THANKS TAKING?) Doing for others, like volunteering at the Makerspace produces happy hormones. Get to work doing good! It's funner!
Laughing is good for you! So watch funny family movies and save, Saving Private Ryan for well, never. (Come into the shop and former NYU Professor Rob Dawg will give you his top feel-good movies that you've probably never heard of!)
"I don't Care What You Do, Just Get out of the house and do something!" Turns out your mother was right!! Might I suggest a night at the Theater?! Get all dolled up and get tickets to see WEST SIDE STORY at SNUG HARBOR Sure it's a sad story, but you'll be looking good, supporting your community, meeting friends in the lobby, and there's wine at intermission!!! So much Happiness potential!!!
FACT drinking wine actually makes you happy AND reduces belly fat!!! It's SCIENCE in real life!!!! Sure we just landed a camera on a comet, but drinking is SCIENCEY TOO!!! So give into your inner geek and watch the Big Bang Theory with a Big Healthy Bottle of Wine and get more bang for your buck!

Here's a user friendly top 10 to happiness for Yesvember!


Hanging out with friends make you happy...so meet up at our Friday tasting! 5:30-8:30


Mark Your Calendar: NEXT Saturday 11/22, we'll be mixing you up!

Atsby Vermouth Creator, Adam Ford and local wine and spirits expert, Amy Zavatto, will be creating some pre-holiday cheer in the store using Atsby Vermouth and recipe's from Amy's book!!

BOTH Atsby and The Architecture of the Cocktail will be for sale so you'll be sure to check lots of gifts off of your Holiday Shopping list!


Pink goes with Red, White or Green!

Rosés are super food friendly so whether it's meat, fish, fowl or vegetarian, there are many brighter shades of pale to spruce up your palate!

While many would pack up their pinks for the season, Rosé is actually great all year, so keep the pink party going and save 10% on every bottle!

Want a case? Save 15%!!

From $9-$17


Check out our Thanksgiving suggestions on our website!

All of the baskets on display are chock full of great Thanksgiving wines and you can visit our website for even more. click on the CHECK OUT OUR INVENTORY and look at Thanksgiving Wines Category!



We have 2 strong boys and we're happy to put them to work lugging wine to you throughout the HOLIDAY season!!

Give a call and a tall, surly, boy will show up with booze...wow, that didn't come out exactly right but....wine will appear!



Wine tastings are being booked as you read this!!!!

We're available for your Holiday Party....at home, office or local start up/conference/work/party space!!

So call or e-mail me for details! Wine tastings are fun, affordable and tailor made for you! And every one is happy 'cause no one leaves the party with the worst Naughty Santa gift!

718-954-0452 honorwines.siny@gmail.com


Thanks for bringing back your old bags!!!

We spend a fortune in paper 'cause we really believe in keeping plastic out of our lives and off our streets...it is SOOOO appreciated when you return your gently used wine bags!

Please consider buying our super strong 2 or 6 bottle wine totes!


thanks for shopping local and supporting a family owned business

it helps start ups like us soooo much when our customers evangelize! so please share this newsletter with friends and neighbors who you think may enjoy it!

cheers, lorie and robert

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