March 23rd, 2016 Canada's Office of Religious Freedom (ORF) within Global Affairs Canada is set to close after a vote in the House of Commons Monday

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March 23rd, 2016


Canada's Office of Religious Freedom (ORF) within Global Affairs Canada is set to close after a vote in the House of Commons Monday despite global recognition and success after being in commission just two years.

The Office of Religious Freedom opened on February 19, 2013 with the mandate to protect and advocate on behalf of religious minorities under threat, oppose religious hatred and intolerance, and promote Canadian values of pluralism and tolerance abroad.

With the office's mandate and funding set to run out on March 31, 2016, Conservative MP Garnett Genuis put forth a motion on March 8th asking the Liberal government to acknowledge the good that the office has done and to consider renewing its mandate. The motion was voted down 226 to 90.

According to Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Dion, the Liberal Government is "determined to fight tooth and nail for religious freedom around the world", but says they will be more effective by combining all of Global Affairs Canada's efforts to defend and promote human rights through one single office.

How You Can Help Defend Religious Freedom:

You can protect religious freedom in Canada and abroad by showing the government that you support the ORF and a continuation of their important work.

1) Please contact the Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Dion to express your disappointment at the vote to close the ORF. Tell him that you value the office's unique mandate and believe that religious freedom does in fact require an office dedicated explicitly to its protection.

Please encourage him to focus his efforts toward protecting peoples who are persecuted for their religious beliefs in his forthcoming strategy to promote all human rights.

CLICK HERE to e-mail Minister Stephane Dion now

2) Pray for the persecuted church. Throughout the world, people of many different religions deal with persecution on a regular basis. Christians are by no means exempt from this persecution and have in fact become one of the most oppressed religious groups globally.

Please pray for God's supernatural protection over those facing ridicule, abuse, and even death because of their faith. Pray that there would be revivals and encounters around the world as those who know and love Jesus share the Gospel with boldness and confidence in spite of the risk.

3) Please CLICK HERE to support MY Canada in our fight for righteousness and freedom in Canada.


The news and media outlets have been abuzz with the much-anticipated release of the Liberals' 2016 budget yesterday, March 22nd. This is the inaugural budget of Finance Minister Bill Morneau and the Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Key measures outlined in the federal budget include $120-billion towards infrastructure over the next ten years (focusing on public transit, water, waste management and housing infrastructure), and what Trudeau is calling an "historic" investment towards Indigenous Peoples; promising $8.4 over five years to improve education, drinking water and housing, and family and child services for First Nations.

Overall, #Budget2016 has divided Canadians into two distinct groups, with some very clear winners and losers emerging. In addition to infrastructure and Aboriginal Peoples, the budget plans for substantial investment towards veterans, families, those seeking EI benefits, and the environment.

On the "losing" side however are National Defence, students and families who benefited from tax breaks, and small business owners - who will not see the reduced tax rates promised in the Liberal party's election campaign.

Please CLICK HERE to read an article on the Winners and Losers of the 2016-17 Budget.

Please CLICK HERE to read an article on 10 ways the budget will affect your finances.


The Liberals came into power with the campaign promise of new spending that would see four years of "modest deficits" of no more than $10-billion a year totalling 26 billion overall. So #budget2016's biggest shock is that the Liberals have budgeted for five years of deficits totalling more than $113-billion.

Conservative Interim-Leader Rona Ambrose has very vocally come out in opposition of the budget, calling it a "nightmare scenario" from a taxpayers' perspective and reminding the Liberals of their three campaign promises to cap the deficit at $10-billion per year, to be fiscally responsible and to return to a balanced budget by 2019.

However, Minister Bill Morneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continue to reassure Canadians that the spending is necessary to invest in Canada's future.


1) Please sign and share this petition telling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that Canadians do not want this outrageous amount of debt. Find the petition by clicking here now.


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MY Canada is hosting national prayer conference calls every second Tuesday at noon EST.

The next call is March 29th, 2016 .

If you would like to participate in these calls please click here and add your name to the Keep Our Land e-list.

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