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FarmBits: A New UNL Digital Ag Podcast


The Nebraska Extension Digital Agriculture group is launching a podcast titled "FarmBits" to discuss the new innovations, the trends, and the value in digital agriculture. "FarmBits" will explore topics in digital agriculture through interviews with academic experts, farmers, and industry specialists. The podcast will seek to present information about digital agriculture in a way that is accessible to non-experts with a well-rounded perspective that takes the shine off of new technologies.

The podcast will be hosted by Samantha Teten and Jackson Stansell, graduate students in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at UNL and members of the Nebraska Extension Digital Agriculture team.

New episodes are released every Thursday! Past episodes include:
Episode 000: Welcome to FarmBits
Episode 001: The Status of Digital Ag
Episode 002: Automation and Strategic Harvest Technologies

The podcast is available on: YouTube, Spotify, GooglePodcasts, ApplePodcast, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Overcast, and more.

FieldDayVideos 1

Each week we share a short ~2 minute Mini Virtual Field Day. These videos highlight some of the innovative on-farm research projects being conducted around Nebraska. Videos include interseeding cover crops, drone based nitrogen management, active downforce studies, variable rate seeding, and more!

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