New Opportunities for MORE Dancing

Hope you are all keeping warm during these cooler autumnal days ... and to help keep that body warmth up! here are some new dancing dates!

New series of Thursday afternoon classes for every body 60yrs and above, starting this Thursday!
May & June dancing dates for at Mana Retreat
A gorgeous Open Floor Dance Retreat, May 18-20, 2018 at Mana with seasoned teacher Sacha Paddy
... and then of course there is our regular weekly medicinal dancing dose on a Thursday evening at the Anglican hall.

Plenty of dancing to keep us all feeling fresh and alive!

see below for all details

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A six week series of Open Floor classes for every body 60yrs & over ... beginning Thursday 19th April at 2pm, Anglican Hall, Coro Town (more details below)

So many of us long to dance again, whether it’s been
a whole week since the last dance or 40 years...

Our bodies love to dance, to move in a way that feels good,
and to experience the pleasure of simply allowing the body
to move in its own natural and creative way.

Some people feel they have ‘two left feet’ when it comes
to dancing. They feel shy, awkward, or un-coordinated, as if
somehow they lack the ability to dance ‘the right way!’

In Open Floor we welcome all types of feet: all shapes,
sizes, genders, and ages. Sometimes they are shy feet, timid
feet, extroverted, sassy, courageous feet, quirky, playful,
curious, quiet feet, fast, slow, reclusive feet.

On the Open Floor there are no steps to learn, nothing to
get wrong!

The only requirement is a curiosity about how your body
enjoys to move, easefully and creatively. In Open Floor you
get to explore your own unique way of moving, whilst in
the good company of others who are moving their unique
way. We use chairs for times when our bodies want more
restful, supported dances, as well as for creative exploration.

Please pass on the info to anybody who you think may be willing to take that first courageous step onto our Coromandel Open Floor.

“Dance is an integral part of ones being, like breathing and talking… it is a part of being in touch with others and the world… Like poetry, dance touches on the indescribable…” ~ A local 79 year old woman, Coromandel Town

Coromandel Town Classes:

April 19*, 26
May 3, 10, 17, 24

Anglican Church Hall
Class Price: $5-10 (choose as you can afford)
*April 19 is FREE – your opportunity to dip your toe
in and enjoy the pleasure of dancing again.

Anglican Church Hall
Class Price: $10-15 (choose as you can afford)

Dates in Coro town to be advised

Mana Retreat Classes:

Upcoming Dates at Mana:
May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
June 5, 12, 19

Dates to be advised

Mana Retreat Centre
Class Price: $10-15 (you choose)

Will be wonderful to dance with you soon

For all classes please arrive early.

Music begins 15mins before the class start time. Feel free to arrive early so that you can luxuriate in your warm-up, settle in and be ready for the session start.

If you are new come early so we can welcome you and give you some tips.

Every body is welcome!

Sacha Paddy

"Move and the way will Open"

An Open Floor Dance Retreat with Sacha Paddy

May 18-20, 2018 at Mana Retreat Centre

Life moves, evolves, changes and shifts constantly. The seasons change, the ocean is ebbing and flowing, and we too are in constant movement as subtle as a breath or a heartbeat, as vast as we can imagine.

Sometimes we have a sense we are moving with life and its fluid changes, and this can feel exhilarating, as if we're in touch with our essential freedom. Other times we may feel off-track, stuck and out of sync with life.

In Open Floor we use our dance to practice moving on every level – in body, heart, mind and soul. So that when life moves us, big or small, we can respond creatively and wholeheartedly. We also practice so that we can tolerate the stuck moments of life, knowing ways will eventually open as we move and allow and accept.

All are welcome to join this weekend of dance and exploration.

Sacha has been teaching conscious dance practices since 2008 and is endlessly inspired by the simple joy of embodiment and the depth of experience that the dance offers. She holds a heartfelt, fun, compassionate and welcoming space in which to explore through your dance.

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