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In this mailing, we share news of the Cancer Biomarkers special issue on "Collaboration Between US and Japan for the Early Detection of Cancer" (guest editor: Kazufumi Honda).

All articles from Volume 33, Issue 4 are included in this newsletter, along with highlights of the most read recent content, details of how to submit your research to the journal, and news of one of the articles from this issue that has been in the news. Finally, we are pleased to invite you once again to view the presentation relating to the journal from the recent celebration for the 35th anniversary of IOS Press.

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Collaboration Between US and Japan for the Early Detection of Cancer
Guest Editor: Kazufumi Honda

Guest editor Kazufumi Honda's editorial gives the background to the special issue: "To accelerate research into the prevention and early detection of cancer, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) and the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) conduct an annual USA–Japan Workshop on Biomarkers for Cancer Early Detection. At the 7th USA–Japan Workshop which was held at Ito International Research Center (The University of Tokyo) on 26–27 January 2020, participants from the US and Japan gathered to discuss early detection and cancer prevention using advanced biomarkers and radiomics."

The journal's Editor-in-Chief Dr. Srivastava comments in his editorial: "In this special issue, investigators from the US and Japan have discussed various approaches from capillary micro-sampling for single-cell metabolomics, to radiomics for measuring doubling time to risk stratification based on bloodbased biomarkers including proteomics and circulating miRNA. In the spirit of collaboration between two countries, it is hoped that such sharing of data and knowledge will continue to help tackle the complex issues surrounding biomarkers for early detection. Finally, the editor would like to thank Japan's AMED for the generous hospitality and support for travel to Japan by the US investigators."

This issue is openly available until October 31, 2022

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Volume 33, Issue 4 / 2022 / Available Online

US-Japan collaboration: Collaboration across international boundaryOpenly Available
Srivastava, Sudhir

Introduction to the special issue Collaboration between US and Japan for the Early Detection of CancerOpenly Available
Honda, Kazufumi

Targeted proteomics for cancer biomarker verification and validationOpenly Available
Ogata, Seiryo | Masuda, Takeshi | Ito, Shingo | Ohtsuki, Sumio

Capillary microsampling-based single-cell metabolomics by mass spectrometry and its applications in medicine and drug discoveryOpenly Available
Abouleila, Yasmine | Ali, Ahmed | Masuda, Keiko | Mashaghi, Alireza | Shimizu, Yoshihiro

The impact of the lung EDRN-CVC on Phase 1, 2, & 3 biomarker validation studiesOpenly Available
Kammer, Michael N. | Deppen, Stephen A. | Antic, Sanja | Jamshedur Rahman, S.M. | Eisenberg, Rosana | Maldonado, Fabien | Aldrich, Melinda C. | Sandler, Kim L. | et al.

A pilot study to troubleshoot quality control metrics when assessing circulating miRNA expression data reproducibility across study sitesOpenly Available
Permuth, Jennifer B. | Mesa, Tania | Williams, Sion L. | Cardentey, Yoslayma | Zhang, Dongyu | Pawlak, Erica A. | Li, Jiannong | Cameron, Miles E. | Ali, Karla N. | et al.

From space to biomedicine: Enabling biomarker data science in the cloudOpenly Available
Crichton, D.J. | Cinquini, L. | Kincaid, H. | Mahabal, A. | Altinok, A. | Anton, K. | Colbert, M. | Kelly, S. | Liu, D. | Patriotis, C. | Lombeyda, S. | Srivastava, S.

Volume doubling time and radiomic features predict tumor behavior of screen-detected lung cancersOpenly Available (View Press Release)
Pérez-Morales, Jaileene | Lu, Hong | Mu, Wei | Tunali, Ilke | Kutuk, Tugce | Eschrich, Steven A. | Balagurunathan, Yoganand | Gillies, Robert J. | Schabath, Matthew B.

Risk stratification of pancreatic cancer by a blood test for apolipoprotein A2-isoformsOpen Access
Honda, Kazufumi

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Most Read CBM Articles in March 2022

Listing the top viewed articles (all published in 2022) via the IOS Press Content Library

Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, and image biomarker discovery (Research Article in Vol.33, Iss.2, 2022) – Openly Available
Mikdadi, Dina | O’Connell, Kyle A. | Meacham, Philip J. | Dugan, Madeleine A. | Ojiere, Michael O. | Carlson, Thaddeus B. | Klenk, Juergen A.

Multi-OMICs data analysis identifies molecular features correlating with tumor immunity in colon cancer (Research Article in Vol.33, Iss.2, 2022) – Openly Available
Elsayed, Inas | Elsayed, Nazik | Feng, Qiushi | Sheahan, Kieran | Moran, Bruce | Wang, Xiaosheng

Predicting pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma using artificial intelligence analysis of pre-diagnostic computed tomography images (Research Article in Vol.33, Iss.2, 2022) – Openly Available
Qureshi, Touseef A. | Gaddam, Srinivas | Wachsman, A.M. | Wang, Lixia | Azab, Linda | Asadpour, Vahid | Chen, Wansu | Xie, Yibin | Wu, Bechien | Pandol, S.J. | Li, Debiao

Radiomics model of 18F-FDG PET/CT imaging for predicting disease-free survival of early-stage uterine cervical squamous cancer (Review Article in Vol.33, Iss.2, 2022) – Openly Available
Liu, Shuai | Li, Ruikun | Liu, Qiufang | Sun, Dazheng | Yang, Hongxing | Pan, Herong | Wang, Lisheng | Song, Shaoli

Introduction to the special issue on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Biomarker Research (Editorial in Vol.33, Iss.2, 2022) – Openly Available
Rodland, Karin D. | Webb-Robertson, Bobbie-Jo | Srivastava, Sudhir

Machine learning analyses of highly-multiplexed immunofluorescence identifies distinct tumor and stromal cell populations in primary pancreatic tumors (Research Article in Vol.33, Iss.2, 2022) – Openly Available
Vance, Krysten | Alitinok, Alphan | Winfree, Seth | Jensen-Smith, Heather | Swanson, Benjamin J. | Grandgenet, P.M. | Klute, Kelsey A. | Crichton, D.J. | Hollingsworth, M. A.

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CBM News

Recent press release relating to CBM content

Moffitt Researchers Develop Model to Predict Patients with Poor Lung Cancer Outcomes
Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in the United States and the leading cause of cancer death. The outcomes for lung cancer patients have improved, partly due to earlier detection through better screening approaches. However, overtreatment of lung cancers identified from screening is a concern. Researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center are working to improve the ability to identify patients who are at a higher risk of poor survival through radiomics, an area of science that uses imaging, such as CT scans and MRIs, to uncover tumoral patterns and characteristics that may not be easy to spot by the naked eye. Their study appears in this new special issue.

▪ View the openly available study here
▪ View the full press release here
View the openly available study here
View the full press release here

ICYMI: EIC Presentation

Insights to journal shared at IOS Press 35th Anniversary


Sudhir Srivastava (credit: Philip Jong Loy)

Watch EIC Discuss Cancer Biomarkers
The journal's Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Srivastava was one of the esteemed scholars who participated in the IOS Press 35th anniversary symposium on March 31, 2022 in Amsterdam. The focus of his presentation was the journal's history, current developments, and prospects, as well as more broadly the area of biomarkers research. Discover more via the links below.

IOS Press 35th Anniversary | Watch the Presentation

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