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December 2017


Hello and Welcome Back,

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As the end of the year approaches, a lot of us are kicking it into high gear to get enough work done before the holidays. While you are racing against time, don't forget to take some moments to relax, reflect and enjoy time spent with loved ones. Looking back, it has been a fantastic year for us at Tier One Executive Search filled with challenges, successes and a little bit of fun along the way. Speaking of fun, we dug out some more 100+ year-old job postings for your amusement but first, see our Featured Candidates and Positions. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays everyone!


Featured Candidates

Outstanding Injection Molding Process Specialist/Engineer

This candidate has a wealth of knowledge in injection and blow molding technology especially with developing robust processes associated with molding like two-shot and in-mold decoration. He possesses excellent leadership skills and leads the process engineering team currently. He is a master problem solver and is an expert in plastic process development to ensure process stability. He thrives in a high stress, high production atmosphere and works for a large volume, global contract plastic manufacturer. He is mobile and can relocate globally. He has on-the-ground experience in China, Germany and Mexico. Call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102 or email for more information.

Outstanding Global Manufacturing Operations Leader/General Manager (currently based in USA)

This candidate has a proven history of delivering bottom line improvements. He has international experience including USA, Asia, Germany, and Mexico. He is a USA native, and is bi-lingual (Spanish/English). He has experience in industrial manufacturing, automotive and electronics industries. He can also relocate anywhere in the world for the right opportunity. Call +1-313-887-8300 ex. 102 or email for more information.

Featured Positions

Multi-plant HR Manager Southeast USA based for a $14 Billion manufacturer

Our client company is an outstanding organization with an undeniable reputation as the worldwide leader in its product area. The company is known for its technology, manufacturing capability, and product quality and durability. This position is a critical position within key manufacturing sites for the company, and is responsible for all aspects of HR. Please apply only if you have a background of plant level HR with a manufacturing company. Email for more details or call 313-887-8300 ex.101.

Global Export Compliance Manager for a $14 Billion manufacturer

The client is a global leading supplier to the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries. The successful applicant will act as a strategic advisor on all US export matters across all of their operating groups. The successful applicant will develop, access and set corporate policy, as well as provide guidance and oversight to development of export policy. Our client is looking for a candidate with 8-10 years of export compliance experience including experience reviewing and interpreting EAR, ITAR and OFAC, experience classifying exports under EAR and ITAR regulations and drafting and rolling out export manuals, policies and processes. Looking for an overall subject matter expert in the areas of US export compliance. Please contact or call 313-887-8300 ex. 101 to apply or for more information.


Help Wanted Part II: A Glimpse at Historical Job Ads of Ohio Newspapers

At the end of each year, we tend to look back and reflect on all that has happened - from major events to the little changes - to see how far we've come. For this newsletter, we looked way back (over 100 years) to see how far we've come in recruiting practices.

In one of our earlier newsletters from this year, we featured job ads from century-old Michigan Newspapers. This proved to be highly entertaining so this time around, we had a look at the employment demands in Ohio from over 100 years ago. This article contains some of our favorite clippings.

These job ads were found in old Newspapers via the Library of Congress website and were made available to the public by the efforts of the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, OH . We hope you find these as enjoyable as we have.


Not 2 carpenters, not 5 carpenters, not even 10. All of them.
Sourced from: The Stark County Democrat., April 07, 1910, Page 7.


Everyone can appreciate a thoroughly detailed job description.
Sourced from: Akron Daily Democrat., September 08, 1902, Page 7.


Peters Cartridge Company specialized in gunpowder and ammunition production.
Sourced from: The News-Herald, May 16, 1907, Page 5.


A marble factory! Sounds like somebody's dream job.
Sourced from: Akron daily Democrat., August 21, 1902, Page 7.


Apparently there were some troublesome foundries out there.
Sourced from: Akron daily Democrat., October 09, 1901, Page 7.


When sobriety is a qualification.
Sourced from: The Marion daily mirror., September 30, 1907, Page 7.


Wonder what they mean by "unusual"?
Sourced from: Akron daily Democrat., September 23, 1902, Page 7.


A little difficult to see, this job posting reads: "Wanted - Four girls at the shoe factory at once."
Sourced from: The Marion daily mirror., October 05, 1911, Page 7.


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