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Leadership for Road Safety

6th to 12th May 2019

Dear Serviceable Instruments,

Warm Greetings!

Roads are like the arteries and veins of our planet; they transport us to places of purpose, and bring us back home! Let us celebrate the Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week by serving and honoring the personnel from the local government’s transport and traffic departments, they are the ones who work relentlessly to keep road crashes to a minimum. Their lives are dedicated to save lives!
We invite you to join a Global Observance! And you could do this in simple, non-complicated ways!
Kindly download and print the full letter as per your region:
Russian and Baltic Region
Latin and South America Region
UK and European Region
Middle East
Oceanic Region

BK organizers are requested to share photos, video clips and brief details of their programs via email to

With Divine Remembrances,
BK Gayatri, BK Kavita and the Road Safety Team


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