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Feb. 3, 2024


Nominations for the provincial Conservative party (PCNB) in New Brunswick are currently rolling out.

The nomination election is the “mini” election before the general election. It determines whose name will be on the ballot at election time and possibly the next M.L.A for that riding. These races are often won by less than a dozen votes.

We want to ensure that great, pro-parental rights candidates, win.

But this is the REALLY important AND TIME SENSITIVE part:

If the nomination election is called in your riding, only those who are active members in the PCNB will be able to vote in nomination elections (you need to be active a few days before the election to be qualified to vote, and the election could be called next week).

Anyone 14 years of age or older who is also a permanent resident can sign up to vote.

If you want to ensure that strong pro-parental rights candidates are supported, please take a moment to ensure your membership is active right now (it is $10).

Click here to sign up to activate your membership so you can vote.

Once you are an active member, you simply need to watch for whether or not your ridings are one of those where a nomination election is called.

Thank you for considering and taking this important opportunity to heart.

If you wait, it could be too late.

Please also share this with your like-minded friends and family members in the province. Anyone who is a permanent resident 14 or older can participate!

Every vote will really matter in these critical nomination races

Thanks so much.

▪ Don't Delete Parents
Don't Delete Parents
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