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Dear ones! Fellow travelers on the journey!

It’s been awhile, I know...

I’ve been taking my time, using my time, losing my time (if I'm feeling sorry for myself), even though I can't really 'lose' time. I have no choice but to spend it, well or badly. I've been trying to figure something out, dancing in a perfect circle because one of my feet is nailed to the floor. There is rhythm and a backbeat. The backbeat says, "Woman, you can’t figure it out. You have to do it; you have to be it. You have to LET GO of figuring it out. Perfect circles are not for you..."

I’ve been listening to my body. Maybe my body has been speaking more loudly than usual. Or maybe my body has been trying to hit me over the head with a two-by-four.

Bodies know so much, even though they don't always do what we want, especially as we get older. In addition to all the other cool stuff bodies do, like being our #1 tool for getting around, and self-expression, they are a seismograph that registers and records experience in ways that may not be perceivable by mind. Bodies are our black boxes. They contain crucial information. And you don't have to die in a crash before you access that information.

Paying attention to what my body says requires a certain stillness, a certain acceptance, a certain trust. Doing this does not disenfranchise my mind; it just asks it to listen. To stop interrupting. To stop human-splaining.

In with the New...

I'm starting some new projects. One of them is a newsletter/blog called I'd rather be here now.

I used that name for a blog I made a million years ago which was read by two or three people. I also used those words on a bumpersticker, popular with those old enough to get the Be Here Now, Ram Dass, reference. I still gravitate to that phrase because it expresses so well the poignant intersection of desire, potential, and suffering that is the human condition.

In a week or two I will send you a letter with more intel about my intentions for I'd rather be here now and a way to check it out and then subscribe (if you want to). And more about other projects.

All my new projects are experimental, by design. What I said above—if I keep thinking I have to know something I don't know before I do anything, guess what? I'm never going to do anything.

I want to share projects I'm working on, not just as finished artifacts, but as evolving works. I want to allow my work to evolve without fear or shame, and I want to write about process—not just thought process, but feeling process. Awareness in the body.

Every time I take the risk of trying to put something into words or forms for which I do not have a cliché, I stake out new territory for myself. I enlarge the scope of what I can see and understand. I think this is a definition of artmaking. I think AI can't do it.

The artistic process is the best stuntman I know for the living process—for accepting the tension and creative potential of knowing and not knowing at the same time.

Out with the Old...

I hid the page on my website where you can buy notecards. It’s still there; it’s just hiding. If anyone wants to look at it or buy things, here is the link:

I’ll keep that page up until I have dispersed my stock enough to truly wave goodbye to that part of my past. To throw lots of mushy air kisses.

A Conversation

I had a conversation with a customer service person recently. After she helped me solve the problem I came to her with, she said, as polite as can be, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

And me being me, I said, "Well I guess not, unless you can tell me the meaning of life…"

And she said, "I don’t know. I just take it day by day."

And I said, "Well, that’s about the best advice anyone could give in answer to my question."

YOU are on my list...

because you signed up for it, or you are a previous client or customer, or you are a family member or friend, or I put you on it because I thought you might be interested (aka I hoped you would be interested). Feel free to unsubscribe.

Blessings. May the pink moon bring you magic and the sweet breath of spring. Until soon...


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