September 2022 Tuesday, September 6, 2022 Hamlin Memorial Methodist Church, Farwell 324 5th St, Farwell, TX 79325 Mountain Standard (NM) Time: 5:

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September 2022

September 2022
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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Hamlin Memorial Methodist Church, Farwell

324 5th St, Farwell, TX 79325
Mountain Standard (NM) Time:
5:30 p.m. Board Meeting
6:00 p.m. Sponsor Training
7:00 p.m. Community!
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Pinnell  Tod

Letter From

Tod Pinnell

2022 High Plains Emmaus
Community Lay Director

Hello High Plains Emmaus Community,

Praise God for rain! The high plains sure look different than they did at the beginning of summer, don’t they? God has truly done a great work. He waters the mountains from his upper chambers; the land is satisfied by the fruit of his work. Psalms 104:13. A big Thank you to Central Christian Church for hosting community in August! It was a blessed time with wonderful music, fellowship, and an awesome fourth day talk by Kory Jennings.

Upcoming Walks for 2022:
Women’s Walk #57 September 22-25 LD – Tonya Osborn
Men’s Walk #42 January 26-29, 2023, LD- Tod Pinnell
*Women’s Walk #58 June 2023, LD- Shelley Buzard

Let’s continue to pray for our teams, pilgrims and for our community. Also, pray for our country, the Ukraine, rain, an end to Covid 19, and for all those have suffered loss. “For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you.” Colossians 1:9

If you would like to sponsor a pilgrim, please go to the High Plains Emmaus website and download the registration paperwork and get them signed up. Please remember when signing up a pilgrim it is important to also complete the sponsor's application. The cost of a walk remains at $215.00.

Please pray about how you would support High Plains Emmaus, through prayer, attending monthly meetings and giving financially. More than ever, High Plains Emmaus needs your prayers, participation, and financial support. Pray also how you might support the Ark in Amherst.

Our next Community Meeting will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 6th at Hamlin Memorial Methodist Church in Farwell, TX. The Board will meet at 5:30 PM, Sponsor's hour is at 6PM and Community will begin at 7PM. Please join us as we come together in the Emmaus community as one, to pray, to encourage one another and to receive what our Lord, has for each of us. Hope to see you there! Reminder: We will be praying over the team for Women’s Walk #57.

Childcare will be available at the community meeting, still no potluck.

De Colores!
Tod Pinnell


Women's Walk #57

September 22-25, 2022

Osborn  Tonya

Tonya Osborn, Lay Director

Borden  Billy

Billy Borden, Spiritual Director

Osborn  Tonya 1
Osborn  Tonya 2

LD-Tonya Osborn (Perseverance)
SD-Billy Borden (Means of Grace)
ASD-Danny Sanders (Justifying Grace)
ASD-Franklin Smith (Prevenient Grace)
ASD-Wayne Kinman (Sanctifying Grace)
ASD-Lupe Acevedo (Obstacles to Grace)
ALD-Jena Rush (Priorities)
ALD-Annette Hulder
ALD-Jenn Wines
ALD-Tandee Delk (Fourth Days)
TL-Shelli Pinnell
TL-Kari Lemke (Discipleship)
TL-Melissa Durham (Growth Through Study)
TL-Sherry Cain
TL-Felicia Glascock (Priesthood of All Believers)
TL-Leah Lee
ATL-Kelsi Lockmiller (Body of Christ)
ATL-Rhonda Sparks
ATL-Dareathia Dotson
ATL-Chesnea Clemmons (Christian Action)
ATL-Diana Russell (Changing our World)
ATL-Laney Pierce (Life of Piety)
PLD-Heidi Borden
BR-Savannah Curtis
MD-Cas Holt
AMD-Jackie Ashcraft
AA-Andee Starbuck
AA Tabitha Haynie
AA-Andi Bradley
KA-Jan Williams
KA-Lisa Vinson
KA-Roberta Mirabel
PW-Sherry Best
PW-Jodi Duncan
PW-Jo Beth Massey
PW-Lori Perkins
PW-Stephanie Blumer
PW-Marea Smith
PW-Terri Curtis
PW-Donna Mitchell


2022 Walks:

Men's Walk #40 January 27-30 LD - Kent Ware, SD - Danny Sanders
Women’s Walk #56 June 23-26 LD - Judy Chandler, SD - Danny Sanders
Men's Walk #41 July 21-24 LD - Manual Jasso
Women’s Walk #57 September 22-25 LD - Ruthie Huerta

2023 Walks:

Men’s Walk #41 January 26-29, 2023, LD- Tod Pinnell

*Interested in sponsoring a Pilgrim for an upcoming Walk? Click here for more information about sponsorship.

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