February 27, 2020,

Private Member's Bill Introduced to Stop Sex Selective Abortions

On Feb 26th, in the House of Commons, MP Cathay Wagantall, the Member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville, introduced a Private Member's Bill C-233, 'The Sex Selective Abortion Act'.

Read below for MP Wagantall's explanation of the Bill:

"Today I had the honour of standing for first reading of my private member's bill, the Sex Selective Abortion Act.

Canadians value human rights and equality. At home and around the world, we are known for our voice in support of equality between men and women.

My bill addresses a persisting inequality in Canada. Sex selective abortion is wrong, and it occurs because we have no law against it. My bill would create a new penalty for a medical practitioner who knowingly performs an abortion when the reason is the sex of the pre-born child.

We should act now to condemn sex selective abortion and make it clear that Canada values women and equality. I hope you will stand with me in defence of equality between men and women from the earliest stages!"

Click here to read the bill.

This is an important bill that needs our support.

Click here to watch MP Wagantall standing for First Reading of Bill C-233.



With the introduction of this bill, our Members of Parliament will be both debating it and voting on it in the days ahead. The Conservative Party will likely allow a free vote on it. Other parties should be encouraged to do the same. In the Speech from the Throne, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that fighting gender-based violence would be a priority for this government. Now is a good time to point out that this is an opportunity for them to follow through on that pledge.

Please take a moment to be a voice. Your Member of Parliament will want to hear from his/her constituents on this issue. Let your MP know that you support MP Wagantall's Bill C-233, 'The Sex Selective Abortion Act'.

Click here to find your local MP's contact info


PLEASE TAKE ACTION / 3 Things You Can Do:

1 - Contact your Member of Parliament to let them know that you support MP Wagantall's Bill C-233, 'The Sex Selective Abortion Act'. Find your MP's contact info here:

2 - Share this e-mail with your friends through the social links at the top.

3 - Share this e-mail with your prayer groups.


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