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Greetings from Spain.
Last week I was telling you about the Ceremonial Staff carver from Bali - posing with his latest creation he looks like a semi-naked wizard- you can read about it here.
I hope you had a good Bank Holiday weekend, (trade and relaxing wise) - the good news is that another one is on the way - hey.. goodness me.. it's only the week after next.

I'm still here working hard with two of the geeks from AW - our head IT Wizard; Raul from Mexico, who lives in Malaysia (do keep up) is here, as is Jonathan - my brother who is a mobile apps Wizard and is working on apps to improve our order picking and packing efficiency.
Actually at Ancient Wisdom we have a lot of Wizards.. those guys (and gals) that super good in their field, and work hard to make a difference.

We have a new Design Wizard, Andy who flys in from the deepest Lake District every now and then, and is reshaping our designs in his own images. The new Agnes + Cat range is all his own creation and based on the shops he runs with his lovely wife in Windermere and Hawkshead. See details below.. we are looking for committed retailers to build exclusive trading deals with, check out the link below.


Agnes + Cat

First of the press, with quite a bit of input from our Marketing wizard; Tomas - is the new Himalayan Bath Salts Blends.
Let me fill you in.. so.. you know we have been importing Salt Lamps for a while, (one of our best selling lines right now) with a container arriving every few weeks. Well the Himalayan salt comes from the same mines, you know the incredibly pure stuff and stuffed full of natural minerals, so we are able to buy the best salts direct from source, in every container we are adding a few tons of the stuff.
So we have the best salt at the right price... and AW (as you know) is the best place for Aromatherapy Oils, we have been trading in them for over 20 years, improving and refining the range.
So add the Salts to the Oils, toss in some botanicals and a little wizardry and hey presto, an unbeatable winning product: Bath Salt Blends. Other wholesalers sell you 100g packets, we have 500g - with magical aromatics and the keenest price. Not to mention a fresh new image that we hope to roll out across our Aromatherapy ranges. A Wizard Idea no? All feedback gratefully received.

Localised gifts..
Not far from my house in Spain is the village of La Cala, twice a week close to the town hall is a lovely craft market. One lady does a great business in beach pictures.. as in she collects pebbles and driftwood from La Cala beach and using Deep Box picture frames magics up perfect original and local gifts that tourists love. We have the best range of Deep Box Frames available, and lots of enterprising retailers are buying them and making a mint. You can add a lot of value to a £3 frame that can be sold for £20 with just a little creativity. And we have frames from £1.67 upwards. Get Crafty!

Finally, some of you will know Callum, our resident Ancient Wisdom wizard. The last few years he has been ably looking after the Dropshipping Department, and under his leadership it has grown massively and mightly.
You will see his distinctive Wizard-like image all over the website, usually posing with something mystical or magical.



Well the sad news is that Callum is leaving us for pastures new. We will remain firm friends, and I know for sure that we will see Callum quite often - he's married to Ula - Customer service manager.
So I hope you will pass on your farewells and good wishes Calum. It's not often that good people leave AW - but when it does we wish them well.
I'm wishing him a Wizard future you can message him love.. here: Callum

Next week I'm off to Slovakia, to visit our Europe warehouse and offices. See you there.
Take Care,


3 for 2

BUY 3 for Price of 2 on our range of Tropical Bath Bomb. Offer Ends on Monday14th at midnight.
Tropical Paradise Coco Bath Bombs is an amazingly sweet and zesty range of exotic tropic fruit, including dragon fruit, papaya and purple mangosteen. They are also a great value. Each bomb weighs in at a massive 180 grams and contains a generous portion of Coconut Butter to make it smoother on your skin.


Himalayan Bath Salt Blends - 500g

The healing powers of salt baths are still valued to the present day thanks to well-documented health benefits by ancient Greeks. And when choosing a salt to soak in, the pure Himalayan variety reigns supreme!


Vintage Tote Bags

These Vintage Tote Bags are ideal as souvenirs for your customers especially if you trade from one of the travel locations. Paris Rome London etc.


Indian Rag Rugs

A big stack will look amazing in your shop, with a few rolled up and tied ready to go. These classic old favourite Indian rugs, always sell well, sure to boost your sales. Also giving you a great profit margin


Very Simple Eco-Cotton Bags

Ancient Wisdom has a huge range of Wholesale Eco-Cotton Bags, which come in the classic cotton canvas style or printed with beautiful summer flowers or assorted Indian Gods at very competitively priced.


Demon Drink Set

A tribute to the Skull of Doom, which Mayan legend claims have the power of life and death, the power to heal or to smite, the power to create miracles.


Deep Box Frames

A very popular and versatile frame, box frames can be used for both prints and deeper 3D objects. The moulding is 45 mm deep and can hold items up to 23 mm in depth.


Cool Designs Oil Burners

This collection of Cool Designs Oil Burners makes a great gift idea for any lover of eastern mysticism.

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