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(Scroll down for the links to join The Joy Gathering Online on July 14th and The Infinity Circle on July 20th.)

I hope your 4th of July celebrations went well. We had our annual neighborhood parade and picnic. It was great to meet some new people in the neighborhood and get to know others better. I will be heading to Savannah the 1st week of August for the book convention this year again! I am excited to see my 'con family' again and see and meet great authors and other readers!

Yesterday was my 1st day at my new job. I will be a Session Coach at OsteoStrong. OsteoStrong is a 10-15 min session 1x a week that utilizes the concept of Osteogenesis. Which means using their equipment can help optimize your use of impact emulation (like an isometric contraction) which can help trigger bone growth. It can also help with balance, posture and pain. I just had day 1, so still learning. Conveniently my car knows how to get there easily as it is next to the MadGreens in the same parking lot that my office was in.

Mark October 23 on your calendar! The Sacred Way Metaphysical Fair will be happening this day! (rescheduled from June 2020). I will have a table there to do my Intuitive Readings. Let me know if you want to pre-book so you can get the time slot you want! Sessions will be $25 for 20 min, and we can always do a double session if you want more time.

Have you checked out The Joy Gathering Online and/or the Infinity Circle Zoom meetings yet? They are fun ways to connect and they are FREE! I would love to have you join us!

Virtual Reiki/Energy sessions and Intuitive Reading sessions, and a few in home auricular therapy sessions are available! Email or text me to schedule.

Wishing you health!


Intuitive Readings and more...

I would love if you joined my Facebook Group The Joy Gathering Online! You will be able to access all the updated information regarding The Joy Gathering event and the Infinity Circle events. The Joy Gathering Online and RSVP to the event there.

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SaxyD's Creations!

Have you checked out my SaxyD's Creations shop yet?
Valet Trays are in the shop! They are approximately 6.5"x6.5" and about 1.5" deep. They are on my shop page now! The cost for the Valet Tray's is $40 (plus S&H).
My leather creations make a special, unique gift for someone in your life! There are some Astrology based Key Fobs, Assorted design Key Fobs and a Leather Journal cover! I will be in the studio very soon to make some more items! Shop SaxyD'

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The Joy Gathering Online!

Join Christie Einspahr and myself for The Joy Gathering Online is this Thursday evening (July 15st) at 7pm Mountain time.

This is a Free event. Christie will share about the Numerology related to right now including the significance of the 2021 and the month of June so we can navigate a little easier. We will also be continuing to utilize Lynne McTaggart's The Power of Eight during our grounding meditation time. And, of course, one of the reasons we gather is to Share our Joys. No matter the size of the Joy, it helps to raise the collective 'vibration' a little higher and I think the world needs that right now! I would love if you Join Us!

Simply click on the link below to join the Zoom call. If you are having trouble connecting it has been suggested that you download the Zoom app to your device.

Topic: The Joy Gathering Online, July 15, 2021, 7 pm MST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 889 8657 3350
Passcode: 013973

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Infinity Healing Circle

*You are warmly invited to join Paula Karen and Myself, Tuesday July 20th from 7:00 to 8:00 PM MST as we continue our guided twice monthly online healing circle.

We will practice harnessing the miraculous quantum healing energies of a small group to heal others, your life and the planet. This group is based on Lynn McTaggart’s book, “The Power of Eight.”
We ask that you prepare a few words or themes prior to each
group along the lines of what healing energy you would like to
send into the infinite quantum healing realms. Remember as you do this for others, so what you also need returns to you. Then the group will focus for exactly eight minutes in meditation
on what is brought forth. We will begin each group with a card reading or something inspirational. This is not a discussion group.

Topic: Infinity Circle Zoom Meeting July 20th, 7 pm (MST)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID:892 6718 0458

Passcode: 497039


Intuitive Readings with Donielle

Part of my passion is helping people connect fully to themselves. Let's take a walk with your guides to help you re-member your Joy, Peace and Power. I am a Seer and with the help of the 'unseen' realm we can gain insight and perspective in your life.

"What is an Intuitive Reading?" I am glad you asked...
When you schedule an Intuitive Reading with me, come prepared with a topic you have questions about or want more information about. We will chat a little, most likely do some grounding and meditation then I will pull some cards (some combination of Tarot and Oracle cards). We will chat about the cards, and I will share whatever information comes to me.

Schedule your Reading today!

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Items for Sale!

I have a 'U' shaped hot/cold wrap available $30 (plus shipping if I need to ship it)

I have 2 Ambary Gardens Skin Repair (250 mg Organic CBD in 4oz of salve)
And 2 Muscle Recovery (250 mg Organic CBD in 2oz of salve).
$65 each. (Plus shipping if I need to ship it to you).
Message me to claim yours!

Click Here for any Ambary Gardens Products or information you may need, use this link (I am an affiliate).


Here are a couple choices for Massage and Structural Integration practitioners.

Melanie McNulty, Progressive Therapies is in the same office as me, so you would come to the same location. Her phone is 720-771-6362. About Progressive Therapies

Kellyn Van Laere, owns 7th Element Therapeutics and is a former student of mine. her office is located off of Colorado Blvd and I-25 (on the East side, behind the Best Buy). She also has 2 other therapists in her office. You book with her on her website, 7th Element Therapeutics

If you are looking for more of the Structural Work that I do, check out the Practitioners on the Anatomy Trains website (this is where I did my Structural Integration Training).

I hope this helps.


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