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Theresa Crisci, President

November 2, 2017

Get a JUMP on the Holidays!

They are almost here (the holidays, I mean) so what can be done differently this year? How about jumping in by thinking ahead and keeping it simple. Begin with gratitude and expressing appreciation for EVERYONE! This past year I have shifted my focus to helping people with Mindfulness and Meditation, Self Awareness and Self Care, all cornerstones of living an empowered life and all include a key component of gratitude. It is crucial to know what brings you joy and to experience it daily! Often we see people daily and don't think to let them know how much we appreciate them. Do it! It makes everyone involved feel good because it is a win-win communication.

It has been over three years since this photo was taken at our first concert. I still enjoy singing and appreciate the growth I have had to make in this, as well as other areas of my life. I am nowhere near the best in the group, but it does not matter, it fills my heart with joy to sing and share the messages of our beautiful songs. I share this because, although it added to my list of daily responsibilities, it also allows me to shine my light on something I truly love. It has brought me joy and I believe this joy touches all those that hear our songs. So I suggest, remember all you do that brings you joy and share it with those you love. Simple and uplifting!

Holiday Special: A day of Self Care for your team!

Great idea!

Begin with the gift of relaxation at work. We provide chair massage for all your employees to help them kick off this season calm, cool and collected! This will give them the opportunity to ride out the season with a feeling of appreciation and value by their employer.

For those who do not care for chair massage or those that want to take more responsibility for their state of mind, a 30-45 minute presentation with tips on how to reduce stress during this busy, festive season, including mindfulness, breathing techniques as well as reduce stress eating tips.

We call it our "COMFORT and JOY Combo For The Holidays". This is sure to inspire your employees to make healthier choices during this celebratory, yet stressful time.

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