Oman’s Maisarah Islamic Banking Services Partners with Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance BankDhofar’s Islamic banking window Maisarah Islamic Banki

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Oman’s Maisarah Islamic Banking Services Partners with Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance

BankDhofar’s Islamic banking window Maisarah Islamic Banking Services partners with Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance for training and certification


Dubai, UAE, March 25, 2014

Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance announced today that Maisarah Islamic Banking Services, the Islamic banking window of BankDhofar of Oman, has partnered with Ethica to train its team members. The bank’s employees enroll in Ethica’s online Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) program, the same certificate held by professionals in 62 countries and over 100 financial institutions. Ethica’s program is also available with in-class Islamic finance training for banks that want a blended experience.

Maisarah invests considerable resources on training in order to ensure the highest quality of service to its customers. This focus on training and service quality is also a major focus of the Central Bank of Oman, which has been applauded for its prudent and supportive approach to Islamic finance.

Sohail Niazi, Chief Islamic Banking Officer at Maisarah, said, “We feel the partnership with Ethica shows our commitment to the ongoing training and professional development of our team members. A knowledgeable team plays a major role in giving customers the proper guidance. This role becomes even more important when the products and services are new to the market.” Jamsheed Hamza, Head of Retail at Maisarah, added, “Through our partnership with Ethica, the leader in Islamic banking training and certification, our staff will receive the training and knowledge to effectively serve our customers and fulfil their financial needs.”

“Islamic banks get only one chance to make a first impression. And usually this impression is made when the staff interacts with the customer directly. When product differentiation is limited, service quality is what matters. In order for Islamic banking to succeed, employees must be highly conversant in Islamic finance: to ensure their bank is Shariah-compliant and to ensure their customers are well informed. This partnership is a testament to the importance Maisarah places on compliance and customer service,” said Ethica’s spokesperson.

Ethica’s Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) program is designed to take those new to Islamic finance to an advanced level of practical knowledge in 4 months or less. In Oman, Ethica’s exclusive partner is Excel Institute for Administrative Training, and globally Ethica’s clients include several global banking giants, most notably Mashreq Bank in Dubai, where 1,000 bankers were trained.


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About Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance


Ethica is trusted by more professionals for Islamic finance certification.

The Dubai-based institute has trained and certified professionals in over 100 financial institutions across 62 countries.

Ethica’s 4-month Certified Islamic Finance Executive™ (CIFE™) is a globally recognized certificate accredited by scholars to fully comply with AAOIFI, the world's leading Islamic finance standard. The award-winning CIFE™ is delivered 100% online or live at the bank.

Ethica recently won the award for "Best Islamic Finance Qualification" from Global Islamic Finance Awards in the UK; "Best Research and Education Company" from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai at the Global Islamic Economy Summit; and the "Education Leadership Award" at the Asian Leadership Awards.

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