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Customer spotlight!

Here's something absolutely amazing. I ran into these pictures of Crystal Wood on Instagram wearing a beautiful Peppermint Swirl Skirt and had to know the story behind them!

"Hello! My name is Crystal, I am a part of a group (D3 Darlins) that is local to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We all get together for different events to dress up and play in the parks as adults. Our group leader fell in love with the Candy Castle Peppermint Swirl Pattern and decided to do a group event and have everyone show off their designs.
I loved this idea and saw a little girl with a rainbow skirt on. I knew I would not be able to make our groups event, but still wanted to participate in making the skirt. Once a year, Disney World participates in Gay Days Orlando, which I knew I would be attending to support family and friends. What perfect day to wear my rainbow skirt than for Gay Days. I sat down with my brother to go through the Rainbow Flag to make sure I had all the colors and order correct but added a lighter shade of each to make my skirt more colorful.
Setting up my skirt was fun. I printed out all the pieces and put them together, had all my fabric picked out and ready to go. I layered all 16 colors on top of each other and split them in half and then cut it all together. I am new to sewing – only two years under my belt, so this pattern was definitely a learning curve to me. I started sewing this pattern and it took a while for me to finally get it and understand the concept, but as it came together it was gorgeous. I didn’t add bias tape to the bottom, I just used the natural hem of the skirt. To complete the skirt, I added a sparkly silver elastic waist band.
The first day I was able to wear my skirt was June 2, 2018 to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I received so many compliments and many people wanted me to take off my skirt so they could have it. It was stored in my closet until this past weekend January 18, 2019. There was another event in our group where everyone was getting together to celebrate Mickey’s new parade “The Move It! Shake It! Mouskedance It! Street Party”. We had seen previews and the colors were so bright and vibrant, a friend of mine told me I needed to bring out the rainbow skirt for this event. I was super excited to wear this skirt again, I layered five Malco Modes Petticoats underneath to give it the proper volume it needed and had fun twirling my day away.
The Candy Castle Peppermint Swirl Pattern is not only fun for kids, but is also great for adults to get out and twirl themselves into some fun."

Thank you so much for sharing your twirling pictures with us Crystal, such a happy skirt!!

Customer spotlight!

Crystal sent me pictures of this gorgeous Cappuccino Cardigan.
She left off the collar band and hemmed it all the way around. Easy peasy and super fast!

I love the fabric she used and leaving off the shawl collar band really gives it a flowy look.

Customer spotlight!

Elisa Vanaman posted some beautiful pictures of her adorable daughter wearing her Christmas Peppermint Swirl dress in our pattern group!

Elise said: "I knew I wanted to create the perfect Christmas dress for my daughter. I already had the perfect pattern but I needed the perfect fabric. Sadly, I live in a country where fabric is pretty much non existent so thankfully my mom saved me! I sent her photos of what fabric I wanted and she went to Joanns and found the perfect fabric! She brought the fabric with her when she came to visit and I was too excited to wait, so within 4 days of receiving the fabric, my daughters dress was complete. My daughter is currently obsessed with dresses because she loves to twirl around in them. The second she saw the dress she yells, ‘PRETTY! FOR ME!!!’ and immediately wanted to put it on. Candy Castles Peppermint Swirl will always be my favorite pattern for special occasions and I have already planned a few more for the future."

Customer spotlight!

Carrie Rudy blew up our pattern group when she posted pictures of her adorable daughter wearing her Harry Potter inspired dress! She used the Peppermint Swirl Dress for this very creative mash-up.

Carrie said:
"I made the Harry Potter inspired dress for my daughter. It was a Christmas present which was a bit risky since lately she has been wanting to be involved in all the choices for any dresses made for her! She’s 9 now so there are lots of rules about her clothes! Ha! I wanted the dress to look similar to the Hogwarts uniform but also be colorful and I thought the Peppermint Swirl Dress would be a perfect way to mash these two ideas!
I homeschool my daughter and there wasn’t a lot of time to sew without her home and she almost caught me a few times but Christmas morning did not disappoint! She was super surprised! My avid reader, Harry Potter loving, Hermione look alike daughter is thrilled with her dress and even was excited to show her friends!

Customer spotlight!

This is so awesome! Erin Brubach sent in this picture after Christmas. She used the So Sweet Cinnamon Sweater pattern!

Erin said: "The flags are Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and Norway because my husband and I have ancestors from those places. We try to teach our children about their heritage and we follow different traditions as well as attend Scottish Highland games where we live. My husband and sons all have kilts in our family’s tartan. Epcot (one of the 4 Disney World parks here in Central Florida) has a “World Showcase” representing 11 different countries from around the world - Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, USA, Japan, Morocco, France, UK, Canada, and Italy. During the winter months, Epcot hosts a Festival of the Holidays where they have singers and storytellers who talk about the different traditions of the holidays from their respective countries. My kids love attending and learning about how holidays are celebrated around the world."

Customer spotlight!

Check out Mallory's amazing Peppermint Swirl Skirt!
Did you know you can use the Peppermint Swirl for Ladies to make a skirt, too?
If you're not sure how, we have a free download with instructions on how to turn the dress into a skirt here.

Customer spotlight!

Our favorite sewing teenager is at it again! Alyssa has sewn up so many Candy Castle creations in the past weeks again - this girl is a machine!

Here she's modeling her V is for Vanilla shirt - with the drawstring shoulders and the contrast binding, it looks so perfect on her!

Alyssa's little sister got a dreamy new Bubblegum Dress. That girl is so lucky to have a big sister that loves to sew!

Alyssa's little brother got a couple more Soda Pop Polo's. Don't you agree Alyssa has the cutest models to showcase her makes too? We'll definitely be keeping an eye out for Alyssa's creations - she's a rising star!


Free updates

Here at the Candy Castle, we value all our patterns - old and new! This is why we are constantly in the process of not only designing new patterns but also updating older patterns to include new options.

When you purchase a pattern at Candy Castle Patterns, updates are always free!

The patterns below have received updates over the past weeks. You can at any time log in to your account and download the latest version, or, if you need help downloading, feel free to email us at

The Jawbreaker Joggers recently got updated to include PDF Layers and A0 files!
If you already own the pattern, you can always download the latest version from your Candy Castle account.

The Swizzle Sticks Sleeves also got their layer update! This pattern pack includes six types of sleeves that can be added to the Peppermint Swirl Dress as in this picture, or to the Princess Dress.

The Lollipop Pi Skirtalso got updated to include layers, and also had a knit-only waistband option added!

The Peppermint Swirl Dress now includes A0 files next to the regular printout.

A0 files are large scale files that you can take to a copy shop (or order the printouts online!) and are printed at poster format. This means no more taping pages together! These files can be used instead of, or next to, the regular printout.


I hope you got tons of sewing inspiration; let's get creative!

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