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Late Mid-May 2018 || issue #67
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25 Days Left to Register

Registration ends on June 16 for the 2-week off-site prep for the summer xc and all-sports conditioning programs.

The off-site prep begins on June 25.

The purpose of the prep is to prepare you for the onsite sessions. Although the 18 onsite sessions begin on July 9, the progressive conditioning program begins with the prep on June 25.

Please note: You receive the prep guidelines via email. You do the conditioning on your own. You will know whether or not you do it!

North Shore XC Registration (Peabody)

Merrimack Valley XC Registration (Andover)

All-Sports Speed & Conditioning Registration (Peabody)


All-Sports Now Open for Younger Athletes

After many years offering a conditioning program in Andover for elementary school age athletes, we are bringing the program to the North Shore.

Boys and girls age 6 and older may register for the GTD All-Sports Speed & Conditioning program. The younger age group is in addition to the older groups -- 10 to 12, 13 to 15, and 16 and older.

As with all the age groups, the group that works best for you depends on your ability to handle more conditioning work. For example, if an 8 or 9 year old wants to "move up" to the next group, we welcome it.

Days, time, location and fee for the new "6 and over" group will be the same as for the other groups:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, beginning July 9 and continuing until August 17
9 to 10:30am
Location -- Peabody High School
Fee -- $160

Registration available at this link.

Questions? Contact Dave


GTD XC -- 56 Day Program

The 8-week comprehensive program includes training guidelines for 56 days. The first 14 days are off-site, and the next 42 days of daily training include 18 onsite sessions.

Onsite session disciplines include core, circuits, base building, plyometrics, resistance training, threshold work, technique and form, concentration, focus, and racing strategies.

For an explanation of some of the supplemental work included in the program -- hurdle mobility, medicine balls, kettlebells, mini-bands, plyometrics -- go to this link.

North Shore registration
North Shore details

Merrimack Valley registration
Merrimack Valley details

Onsite sessions for both programs begin on Monday, July 9 and continue on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings until Friday, August 17.

The Comprehensive program ($205) includes two weeks of off-site prep conditioning, plus a written guideline for all 56 days of the program. The Onsite-only program ($180) includes the 18 onsite sessions.

Interviews with xc athletes


All-Sports Conditioning Expands to 6 Onsite Weeks

After many years as a 5-week onsite program, the GTD All-Sports Speed & Conditioning program now provides 6 weeks of onsite sessions, plus two weeks of pre-program prep.

Registration deadline for the 2 weeks of prep conditioning is June 16.

Program Registration
Program Details

The program provide conditioning for athletes who participate in soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, basketball football, baseball, ice hockey, softball, track, wrestling, volleyball, dance, skiing, cheering, and more.

The program begins on Monday, July 9 and continues on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for six weeks, until August 17.


Personal Coaching with Coach Braz

Coach Braz provides personal, one-on-one coaching for runners at all levels who want to improve their performance or want a guided maintenance program.

Registration Form

The program is designed for runners who have a specific racing goal, or a series of races to prepare for, or want to build or maintain their running fitness. Your personal program may include a weekly track session that may be done at a site convenient to you or with Coach Braz on Tuesday evenings at the Beverly High School track.

Program details
Sign-up Steps


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