The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have a strong emphasis on national governments defining and measuring their own objectives and targets. To achieve these Global Goals by 2030 we will need evaluation capacities in every country to assess progress towards the goals and highlight achievements and challenges, ultimately contributing to improved accountability, transparency, and decision-making.

The 2019 International Conference on National Evaluation Capacities (NEC), taking place in Hurghada, Egypt from 20 to 24 October is dedicated to Leaving No One Behind: Evaluation for 2030 to support and intensify momentum towards attaining the ambitious global goals. It will bring together more than 500 participants from governments, parliaments, development organizations, international organizations, and evaluation networks.

You too can support our mission to promote the development of evaluation capacities in every country! Join the conversation on Twitter using #NECdev and join us in the live stream from 22-24 October 2019, 9 AM Egypt time.

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The National Evaluation Capacity (NEC) conference is part of an IEO strategy to support the development of national evaluation capacities but distinguishes itself in that it focuses on supporting the governments in which UNDP works with across the globe. In 2019 the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of UNDP has partnered with the Egyptian Ministry of Planning, Monitoring, and Administrative Reform. For more information on the conference please visit the conference site.

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